Tristan Luminat

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Prince Tristan Luminat
Faction : Luminat
Kingdom : Luminat
Birthdate : 3/9/1203 (Age: 20)
Gender : Male
Position : Prince
Parent : King Jaden Luminat
Parent : Consort Garcia Skybloom
Status : Single
Children : None
Portrayed By :
Luminat Crest.png

Tristan is the son of King Jaden Luminat and his Consort Treasured Garcia Skybloom. He was born in Fairdale, and raised as a prince ought to be: tutoring in academics and courtly manners, training in martial skills and tactics. In all these things he was a sufficient student rather than a stellar one, for his interests lay outside of the classroom, beyond the walls of the palace and the city. There was nothing Tristan liked more than to take a ride into the countryside, where he could sit in peace and daydream away the hours, pondering on this and that and nothing at all.

Tristan was allowed his freedom to roam, to find his own way in life. His lack of high achievement was mitigated by his devotion to Attia's teachings, and by his generous use of his free time. He was a good boy -- the type to bring home a wounded animal and diligently nurse it to health; the type to pay a visit to the nearby villages and help them tend their fields. Jaden knew that his dear son wouldn't be a good fit for knighthood or scholarship, but that was alright. He'd make Tristan a minister or an overseer of the commoners; something nice like that.

Now, with the essentials of his princely education having come to an end, Tristan has the opportunity to gain experience with the nitty-gritty duties of serving the people. Well-regarded by court and commonfolk alike, he hopes to be worthy of the trust they've placed in him.

RP Hooks

Tristan has the look of a young fey prince -- tall, slim, and ghostly-pale, as if he just stepped out of a misty realm of magic. However, he still possesses an innocence in his winsome facial features, and a kindly warmth in the soft glow of his lavender eyes and in the curve of his ingenuous smiles. Silvery-white hair has been cropped halfway between short and medium length, the soft locks often slightly tousled as if by a gentle breeze. He's just about grown into his height and his royal posture, but he still moves carefully, respectful of his surroundings.


Tristan has an affinity to divination magic. When he falls into a deep daydream in a quiet outdoors location, he has a small chance to see things that have happened there in the past. He can't choose when it happens, and afterwards he is rendered dazed and drowsy to the point that he's in danger of falling asleep.


In keeping with Luminat's virtues and his courtly upbringing, Tristan is gentle and compassionate, gracious and honorable. He has a strong sense of fair play, and he believes that he deserves respect from others only if he extends the same courtesy to them. Earnest to a fault, perhaps, he possesses the sort of youthful innocence that makes it hard to recognize social nuances such as sarcasm and innuendo. Daydreamy and easily distracted to boot, he can entirely lose himself in the beauty of both nature and music, which makes him seem a little... well, you know. A little spaced-out?

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