Troy Frostbite

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Master Troy Frostbite
Faction : Commoner
Kingdom : Divinus
Birthdate : 8/7/1199 (Age: 23)
Gender : Male
Position : Actor
Parent : None
Parent : None
Status : Single
Children : None
Portrayed By :

Troy is an orphan who was raised in an orphanage. He was quickly shown to be quite the character and he was introduced to acting. which he turned out to love and he was taught things that focused on that, since it was clearly where he was going. Troy was quick to rise to fame within the Divinus Kingdom. He has not married or had children but he does work with other orphans.

RP Hooks
  • Actor: Troy is an actor and considered a very good one.
  • Commoner: Troy is a commoner.
  • Divinus Famous: Troy is famous across Divinus lands for his acting skills and is sought after by people for their plays. Any production Troy is in, typically sells out when it is in Divinus Kingdom.
  • Divinus Kingdom: Troy is from the Divinus Kingdom.
  • Orphan Care: Troy cares very much about assuring all orphans have a safe place to live, be it by finding a family to adopt them or by assuring they get into an orphanage. Taking care of orphans is where a lot of his money and time goes, when it is not something to do with acting.
  • Orphan: Troy is an orphan and is a bit curious to whether he has family out there.

Troy is a beautiful man and his facial features and his body is well-defined and enhances his beauty. He looks to be roughly average height for someone from Divinus. His red-blonde hair stands out against his alabaster skin and, curiously enough,, compliments his steely-grey eyes. He has the Divinus glow to him.

He wears colorful clothing that are always varying in styles and looks. It is rare to se him in anything that isn't bright and showy.


Troy is capable of causing his voice to travel over quite the distance, assuring he is heard from pretty far away. As far as Troy knows, there is no limit to how far away his voice reaches when he does this. There is no limit to how many people he speaks. He, however, can not hear what the person says in return, should they. After Troy finishes using his magic he loses his voice for a while. If he uses his voice amplifying magic for a couple minutes his voice is gone for a couple hours. So, he often plans well when he amplifies his voice.


Troy has quite the eccentric personality. He changes his mood at the drop of the hat and claims that he wears his emotions close to the surface so he can act better. This often means people find him both fun to be around and hard to deal with. When Troy is happy, he is /happy/. These mood swings of his do make him viewed as more charming than annoying, though, because it suits him well and the crowd he typically keeps.

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