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I am the theme writer, builder, and over all admin of Atharia. I could be considered head staff but I prefer to work together with my players and other staff over 'telling' them 'this is how it is'. I'm pretty relaxed about how active people are and have no expectations on people to run events/scenes. If you're in a leadership position: As long as you don't leave people un-responded too, I won't remove you from the position. I have only 1 major rule for scenes: Do not hog the spotlight. Help each other shine over doing everything. Sure, you might have the stats to easily handle X thing all by yourself but what does it hurt to work with other players to help them shine along side you? Unless the scene is specifically indicated to be focused on for a scene, I'll always set up situations where I'll encourage you to work together to solve or I'll give each person a chance to shine.

As long as you are reasonable with how you explain things, I am usually willing to clarify or rewrite something. 'I don't like X thing' is not something I will change something for. It gives me no indication to why you don't like it or what your idea of an alternative solution is.

The majority of the time, I am happy to run most scenes players want, be it for game plot things or personal stories. We are a small game, so, unless we suddenly blow up to being a big game, I really don't mind GMing a personal growth scene for players or 1 on 1 scenes with an NPC I control. So, feel free to ask me for scenes and what not if you want. There is very little I'll object too.