Valeria Santua

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Princess Valeria Santua
Faction : Santua
Kingdom : Santua
Birthdate : 8/7/1189 (Age: 33)
Gender : Female
Position : Princess
Parent : King Kalem Santua
Parent : King Kennedy Santua
Status : Single
Children : None
Portrayed By :
Santua Crest.png

Valeria is at least somewhat known in most kingdoms, although not necessarily as a member of the Santua family. This isn't exactly a secret, but she doesn't rest on her royal laurels in doing a duty she's given herself- helping those in need. Typically, this help is of the sort that requires a strong arm and a sharp blade, but she is just as likely to assist in other ways if she sees the need.

RP Hooks
  • Deadly Combatant: Although Valeria tries her hardest to stay away from killing others, in combat she is truly like a demon- almost as if she's able to see what her opponent is going to do before they do it. She dodges, and attacks with preturnatural grace and knowledge. There is one thing anyone who fights Valeria in mortal combat agrees on: She is dangerous.
  • Princess Of Santua: Valeria is a daughter of King Kalem and King Kennedy Santua, a younger sister to the heir of the Santua kingdom Nathan Santua.
  • Questing Knight: Valeria is a questing knight, following no one god but all. She does her best to improve the lives of those she comes across. She fights for the things she considers good and right. She protects the innocent and weak from those who would harm them.
  • Magic Sword: Valeria is in possession of a gift from the gods, a Magical Sword, pictured here:
Valeria's Magic Flower-Blade

Valeria Santua, Princess of the Santua line cuts an imposing figure- just over seven feet tall with lilac hair cut short- a pixie cut. Her eyes are like pools of burnished gold with dots of obsidian in the middle. Her features are strong, noble. Indeed, she seems almost chiseled from darkest amethyst stone itself. Her nose is straight, of 'Grecian' style. Her lips full and expressive.

Valeria is a broad shouldered woman- obviously muscular from years of combat and hard work. Her body features all the curves one might expect of a well built woman- an almost hourglass-esque figure of wide shoulders and large chest that gives way to tightness in the middle before widening again at the hips. Her legs are thick, strong, and powerful.

Typically, when not in armor, Valeria wears well made clothing of fine materials. Typically linens for the top- often daringly cut. A pair of doe-leather pants, well fitted, with a sword belt and her blade.


Valeria has an unusual connection to time, her magical abilities allowing her to into the future. It allows her to react to things that haven't yet happened making her a terrifying combatant. However, using her ability comes with the negative affect of destroying Valeria's visual acuity. A few seconds forward will make distant things a bit blurry, but a minute or more will render her wholly blind for approximately an hour per minute looked forward.


Valeria is often a serious and severe woman. She takes her self-imposed duties very seriously. She is a woman of great integrity with a rather solid concept of right versus wrong. To family she is devoted, even if she doesn't agree with- or follow- the path set before her by them. For those she doesn't know she's polite. For those she is fond of she is caring and kind. For those she considers enemies she is a relentless creature who seems to always know what's coming.

  • Nathan (Family): Nathan is Valeria's older brother.
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