Xenia Monroe

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Bishopess Xenia Monroe
Faction : Clergy
Kingdom : Seat Of The Gods
Birthdate : 8/11/1160 (Age: 65)
Gender : female
Position : Bishopess
Parent : <parent>
Parent : <parent>
Status : <marital status>
Children : <children>
Portrayed By :
Clergy Crest.png

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RP Hooks

Xenia is a bit on the plump side, though it is clear she was once quite beautifully built, but it fits well with her older age and grandmotherly feel. Her hair is a silvery hue and her skin a darker tone. She has black eyes. She wears the robes of Mataya over an ankle length dress with complimenting accessories and shoes.


Xenia's magic is like how Mataya makes her entrance. She can create prismatic crystals that give off a rainbow light. Though they provide light, it isn't really very useful light as it is more eye catching that truly lighting things up. Mataya tends to use her rainbow crystals to entertain than anything useful. When she creates crystals Xenia temporarily gets a numbness in her hands. How long the numbness lasts depends on how many crystals she summons. IF she summons one it lasts for 2 minutes and each additional adds 2 more minutes.


Xenia is almost the picture of an indulgent grandmother. She is kind, friendly, and is very gentle. She rarely raises her tone but when she does people tend to act quickly to avoid her anger. Her advice can vary between being very good and very bad. She often likes to tell stories of her past and the events she saw growing up.

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