Yuriel Hightide

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Lord Yuriel Tamerlan Hightide
Faction : Hightide
Kingdom : Choisi
Birthdate : 12/21/1201 (Age: 21)
Gender : male
Position : Lord
Parent : Lord Tamerlan Hightide
Parent : Lady Yngra Hightide (formerly Moonbrooke)
Status : unwed
Children : none
Portrayed By : Jamie Campbell Bower
Hightide Crest.png

Being born into the family ruling over Hightide March as a son of a minor branch defined the upbringing of Yuriel in many ways. It was soon clear that he would have to earn his place in the family and the world. That he could thrive without the burden of a title or grander responsibilities. This granted Yuriel enough freedom and time to pursue his training with the sword and his love for the sea. As a teenager, he was permitted to see the wide ocean and travel along the coast on his uncle's ship, the Mermaid. At the age of 18, it was decided that he should return to Beachfall City, and then travel to the Capital of the Choisi kingdom, to make contacts at court. The courtly intrigues he tends to be mostly oblivious to, but he has found some friends among the Choisian nobility. At 20 he spent another year at sea before arriving very recently at the Seat of the Gods, to serve the interests of his family.

RP Hooks
  • Courtier: Yuriel is still learning the dance of courtly situations. He has some contacts, especially among Choisesh nobility.
  • Sparring: Yuriel can be often seen in the training yard, sparring with someone to improve his swordplay.
  • Seafaring: Yuriel has travelled the seas a few times. There is an enthusiasm in his manner when he talks about his travels. He wouldn't be adverse to embarking on adventurous travels again.
  • Novice Gambler: His family is very much into games of chance, and still, Yuriel may not be as experienced as some of the other Hightides.

This young lord is on the tall side for someone of the Choisi kingdom and yet comparatively short when considering people of the other kingdoms. He is of wiry physique and quick in his movements, emanating a natural grace. His skin is pale, his handsome features are framed with dark blonde hair of medium length. Stormy grey are his eyes that often alight when confronted with challenges - or the prospect of enjoyable pastimes.

He is clad in a tunic and trousers of flowing red and blue satin. His beautifully ornamented belt of leather has a purse attached to it and the ornamented leather sheath that holds an elegantly curved sword. The trousers are stuffed into fine riding boots of dark leather.


Yuriel's mother is of a family that is known for its famous seafarers. His gift is his affinity to air magic. Whenever he turns his focus fully towards it, he can create a gust of wind of a strength he chooses. It can be used to fill the sails of a ship in lull, but also, if it gains enough force, it can push someone off their feet. The magic comes at a cost, however. As air is forced to submit to his will, it leaves cuts on his arms and legs, deep enough to cause minor bleeding, even though it will depend on the strength of the wind he has summoned.


Yuriel has many faces. To those unacquainted with him, he is quiet and courteous, with considerably more warmth and charm when he is confronted with grace and beauty. He is ambitious, when in the training yard, and loyal to his family and its values. He will keep his word, however high the cost.

  • Marquess Taylor Hightide (uncle): Yuriel looks up to his uncle and would never actively work against him.
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