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This game uses a customized version of Faraday's FS3 System, 2nd edition. Skills have ruling attributes, and specialties in skills will add bonus dice to that skill, when used in the way of the specialty. The age of your character may entitle them for bonus points they can spend in chargen. The age also affects limits in regards to attributes, skills and specialties.

Before starting to work on your +sheet, you need to +reset once.

  • +limits will give you information about how much points you can spend in which area, based on the age of your character.
  • +raise <ability> and +lower <ability> will let you adjust the level of an ability.
  • +ability <ability>=<level> will let you set the level of an ability.
  • +lang/add and +lang/delete will add or remove a language on your +sheet.


Six attributes can be set for your character, defining their natural affinity to certain areas. Please note that it is possible to raise attributes after chargen, but it will be costly.

Body Physical fitness - Strength, Constitution and Agility
Composure Poise - Staying calm when under pressure
Mind Mental fitness - Intelligence and Creativity
Presence Personality - Charisma and Will
Reaction Reflexes - Dexterity, Hand-Eye Coordination and Wits
Spirituality Affinity to the Supernatural


Skills are abilities that have been acquired through education or training. Some of them describe a group of skills that will require at least one specialization.

Combat skills are Melee, Ranged and Defense. Defense doesn't require a specialization, but Melee and Ranged have specialties that will affect the attack rolls of weapons. First Aid and Medicine are specialties of the skills Survival and Education. This game uses the combat system of FS3, 2nd edition.

In our skill system, the specialty value will be added on top of the base skill when rolling a specialty. If you don't have that specialty, you can still perform the roll, but it will give you a -3 modifier on your base skill. The same will happen when using +combat code.

Crafts Skills for for crafting things. (+specialties crafts)
Defense Defending yourself. This is used in FS3 +combat.
Education Knowledge skills (+specialties education)
Entertainment Skills for entertaining others (+specialties entertainment)
Magic Your magical ability.
Melee Fighting with fists, knives, and hand to hand weapons.
Ranged Archery, other missile weapons and thrown weapons.
Riding Riding animals and driving vehicles. (+specialties riding)
Social Graces Skills for the social arena (+specialties social graces)
Survival Skills of stealth and survival (+specialties survival)


Specialties aren't freeform. If you feel your character needs a specialty that is not yet in any of the lists, please contact staff. Below you find lists of specialties for the various skills.


Sewing, Jewelry Making, Armorsmithing, Weaponsmithing, Fletchery, Glassworking, Sculpting, Baking, Cooking, Cobbling, Flower Arranging, Leatherworking, Needlework, Woodworking, Pottery, Masonry, Artwork, Butchery, Candlemaking


Medicine, Strategy, Tactics, Writing, Religion, Research, Leadership, Investigation


Dancing, Singing, Drums, Harp, Trumpet, Juggling, Guitar, Castanets, Maracas, Tambourine, Accordion, Clarinet, Harmonica, Gambling, Piano


Horse Riding, Carriages, Camel Riding, Donkey Riding, Wolf Riding, Giant Falcon

Social Graces

Seduction, Manipulation, Deception, Intimidation, Etiquette, Empathy, Persuasion, Speechmaking, Diplomacy


Lockpicking, First Aid, Pickpocketing, Perception, Stealth, Tracking, Hunting


Swords, Bludgeons, Daggers, Spears, Unarmed, Siege


Archery, Artillery, Throwing


You can take one or more languages from the list below.

Amarant Cant A sign language developed by the Amarants. For different groups of similar incline they have created their own dialect, the base is the same though.
Common universal language
Choisesh language of the Choisi kingdom
Divinese language of the Divinus kingdom
Lumini language of the Luminat kingdom
Santic language of the Santua kingdom

Sheet Generator

If you are unsure how to distribute your points and need some inspiration, you can use the sheet generator. Use the +generate command to generate a random +sheet based on your position.

Check your stats with the +sheet command. You can either leave the +sheet as is, make adjustments to it with the +lower/+raise commands or +generate again.

Sometimes, a few points will be left to spend after running the generator, so you should make sure to spend these as well.

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