Amaryllis Floragrove

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Lady Amaryllis Floragrove
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Faction : Floragrove
Kingdom : Luminat
Birthdate : 2/19/1205 (Age: 18)
Gender : female
Position : Lady
Parent : Marchioness Flavia Floragrove
Parent : Marquess Tychon Floragrove
Status : unwed
Children : none
Portrayed By : Bella Heathcote
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The parents of Amaryllis were very young still, when she was born, as they had been wed at a very young age. In fact, Amaryllis is now the same age her mother was at that time. She blames the fact that she has just one younger sibling on the fact that her father died too soon. As it is, she is very fond of her younger brother, and there is only a year that separates them in age. Marchioness Flavia thought it wise to send her daughter on travels across the kingdoms, to gather information about foreign plants, especially unusual varieties of grain and corn and special vegetables. As such, she has been on diplomatic missions in all four kingdoms, in company of an older advisor of her mother. She has arrived at the Seat of the Gods to further the interests of the Floragrove March and to make contacts with other nobles from other areas.

RP Hooks
  • Flora Enthusiast: Anything pertaining to flowers and plants in general is of great interest to Amaryllis. She has a notebook where she keeps drawings and notes on every new plant specimen she encounters on her travels.
  • Floragrove Heir: Lady Amaryllis is the eldest child of Marchioness Flavia and Marquess Tychon Floragrove and will inherit the title from her mother.
  • Traveller: Amaryllis is fond of travelling, to a degree that people have called her restless. She is drawn to nature and loves to explore forests.

This woman is skinny and stands tall at 5'6". As is typical for those of the kingdom Luminat, she has a pale complexion and an almost ghostly air about her. Her pale-blonde hair is worn in long delicate braids, it contrasts to her pale-blue eyes.

She is clad in a dress with a ruffled collar of blue cashmere. It has paneled skirts, aqua long sleeves and is of stylish fashion.


Amaryllis has an affinity to divination magic and can make use of it to sense feelings and motivations of others. When she uses the magic it will afterwards lead to burns on the skin that will only slowly heal off.


Amaryllis seems like an optimistic person who is hard to get down and always tries to see the brighter side of things. Amaryllis gets very angry at people who insist on accepting the worst in situations and people.

  • Flavia (mother): Amaryllis fully supports and loves her mother, the Marchioness of Floragrove.
  • Linden (brother): Amaryllis loves her brother, he is only one and a half years younger than she is. Besides, he is the only brother she has.
  • Tychon (father): Amaryllis has fond memories of her father. She misses him a lot, especially now that she is grown up and preparing for the duties as Marchioness.
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