Andred Divinus

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Prince Andred Divinus
Faction : Divinus
Kingdom : Divinus
Birthdate : 4/20/1182 (Age: 40)
Gender : male
Position : Prince
Parent : Delilah Mountainwind
Parent : Naomi Mountainwind
Status : married to Taya Divinus
Children : two
Portrayed By :
Divinus Crest.png

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RP Hooks

This man is in the peak of middle age - the laughter lines near his green eyes tell of many years of happy life. Flecks of grey have started to appear in his short dark brown hair. His body is shaped for quickness rather than brute strength, his tall frame showing a life combining the luxiries of a royal court balanced with hours of training for what might come.

He is wearing a cobalt blue silk shirt, matched with a comfortable pair of cream trousers with gold-coloured thread stitching.


Andred has an affinity to earth magic and can make use of it to create a protective wall of mud. When he uses the magic it will afterwards make the caster fall unconscious for a few hours.


Andred has a pleasant and kind disposition, a lightness there in the bearing that can comfort and appease others. It comes with a certain amount of trust in people and fate in general, a confidence that everything will turn out right eventually. He is loyal to friends and most of all to his duty to protect his family.

  • Taya (Spouse): Andred was matched to Taya to strengthen the ties between Mountainwind and their Royal family, but it has become a happy and devoted match. Andred knows his role - to keep Taya and the family safe.
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