Annie Highpeak

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Duchess Annie Highpeak
Faction : Highpeak
Kingdom : Divinus
Birthdate : 6/8/1192 (Age: 30)
Gender : Female
Position : Duchess
Parent : Alana Highhpeak (deceased)
Parent : Damon Highpeak (Deceased)
Status : Married
Children : 4 children
Portrayed By :
Highpeak Crest.png

Annie is a child of the Highpeaks. Her parents, Alana and Damon, died while out hunting. They died along with Fiona's parents, as the four were best friends. When Annie became Duchess the guards, despite having lost where her parents where, were elevated in ranks for being there. Their job is not to stop Highpeaks but to do what they can to help them and keep them safe. Highpeaks are known to be Bold and Daring and guards should not be punished for a Highpeak doing what they are meant to do. It is when the Guards are not where they should be or are not doing what they should that they get punished for. At least that is what Annie was raised to believe. Her education reflected that and also had much of what was expected of nobility to know. Annie married Fiona when Fiona turned 18 and with her Annie had 4 children. They have been together since.

RP Hooks
  • Bold And Daring: As is typical of Highpeaks, Annie is inclined to take bold and daring actions and bracing herself for the potential of consequences.
  • Divinus Kingdom: Annie is from the Divinus Kingdom.
  • Duchess: Annie is the Duchess of the Highpeaks.
  • Highpeak Family: Annie is from the Highpeak family.
  • Nobility: Annie is nobility.

Though her form is lightly curved and slender there is a sensuality to Annie. Perhaps it is in her peaches and cream hued skin or in her hazel eyes and light brown eyes. IT could even be in just how she carries herself. She is quite the tall woman and she has the Divinus glow to her.

Annie wears a white, silk, flowy button up shirt, one that would be classified as a 'poet's shirt' with a a black leather jacket over it. She wears a pair of black leather pants and dark brown leather boots.


Annie's magic, at least to her, is the best type to have. She can find any object she wants, though, maybe not 100% accurately all the time. It takes a long time for her to find where something is with her magic, even longer if it is a fair distance away. Until she finds what she seeks there is a string of light connected to the item that only she can see. She may think it is the best magic to have but she despises using it to often because it gives her unreasonable amounts of fear of everything. A bug skitters across the ground after she uses her magic she jumps in fear, a rock falls and she backs off like it will bite her. This lasts from a couple hours to a few days, depending on how far she had to seek the item she is looking for. Annie can't stand the fact her magic makes her seem weak after use. It is what it is, though.


Annie never backs down when someone challenges her, even if she knows she will fail. To Annie it is about proving that she is a person who will not backdown or go down without a fight. Only the weak do not face a challenge with all their might. This also means she does often end up in situations she could have avoided. This can make her seem very reckless as a Duchess, were she from any other family but Highpeaks. Her temper can fly off the handle when she or her loved ones are insulted or put down. No one insults Annie or those she cares about it and gets away with it.

  • Fiona (Spouse): Annie married Fiona just after Fiona turned 18. Annie has been married to Fiona since. They have 4 children together.
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