Armani Luminat

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Prince/Princess Armani Luminat
Faction : Luminat
Kingdom : Luminat
Birthdate : 5/12/1192 (Age: 31)
Gender : Other
Position : Prince/Princess
Parent : Unnamed
Parent : Unnamed
Status : Married
Children : Several
Portrayed By :
Luminat Crest.png

Armani was raised in a fairly large noble family. They had multiple siblings. They got the best education they could get with a lean towards what interested them. They were content with their life. It came as no surprise when Armani was wed to Rosalia, as that is expected of nobility. They have been with Rosalia since and has had several children with her.

RP Hooks
  • Luminat Family: Armani was married into the Luminat Family.
  • Luminat Kingdom: Armani is a member of the Luminat Kingdom.
  • Royalty: Armani is considered royalty.

Armani is a thin person who has an androgynous figure that does not lend ideas to what gender they are. Their porcelain white skin causes their emerald-green eyes to pop out. Their ear-length, curly honey blonde hair compliments their skin and helps their eyes stand out more. They are on the taller side for someone from Luminat and they have their ghostly air and look about them, as expected of their kingdom.

They wear more subdued clothing that often reflects the colors of the Luminat family. Their accessories, hairstyling, and possible make up is picked to compliment them and their chosen outfit.


Armani is a master of ice, or so they like to think. They can turn even a droplet of water into a beautiful work of art or as something to chill food or drinks. Unless they keep refreezing the ice or it is heavily insolated, it does melt as normal just a bit slower. When Armani uses this magic they show varying signs of hypothermia. The longer they use the ice magic, the more obvious the signs become and the more they are affected by it.


Armani is a serious individual who takes matters of honor very seriously. They do not do anything that they deem dishonorable to themselves or their family. They aren't the most open of people but they are very affectionate towards those they hold dear. Armani does not trust easily.

  • Rosalia (Spouse): Armani and Rosalia were politically married. They have children together.
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