Atticus Mithal

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Lord Atticus Mithal
Faction : Mithal
Kingdom : Luminat
Birthdate : 7/1/1190 (Age: 35)
Gender : Male
Position : Lord
Parent : <parent>
Parent : <parent>
Status : <marital status>
Children : <children>
Portrayed By :
Mithal Crest.png

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RP Hooks
  • Black Sheep: Due to his lean to combat over social Atticus is considered a black sheep in his family.
  • Luminat Kingdom: Atticus is from the Luminat Kingdom.
  • Luminat Royal Guard: Atticus is a member of the Royal Guard for the Luminat family.
  • Mithal Family: Atticus is a member of the Mithal Family.
  • Noble: Atticus is considered a noble.
  • Sword For Hire: Atticus is willing to be hired on for those who can meet his price. Which is high. He is a noble, after all.

Rich, pale blond hair crowns this noble man, kept short above the ears and away from interfering with the rest of his almost ethereal amber skin. At the front, the white-gold locks are swept to the right with playful spacing, adding a fanciful touch to the typically staple cut. His sharp facial features match a lean figure, from the pronounced brows that shelter a pair of vibrant purple eyes to the points of his nose and chin.

He is dressed in a black jacket that toes the line between military issue and royal flair, trimmed in a considerable amount of rich fur at the top, yet lined with pockets and straps for its more utilitarian purpose. It sits opened over a dressy white undershirt, complete with an elegant frilled neckline. On the sleeve of the jacket, a unique Luminat insignia is sewn into the leather; while it contains the typical wild roses, the crossed swords atop it indicate a member of the Royal Guard. Opposite of the undershirt, his trousers and boots appear to be designed for utility, yet still custom tailored to his form, sleek and black in the Luminat style.

A silver necklace rests over the dressy shirt, visible between the folds of the open jacket. It depicts a single eye, the chain leading into a shimmering lash to shield it and the iris comprised of the wild red rosebud.


Atticus is able to find anyone or thing that is considered lost. Usually the location comes to him in a vision that gives hints of what he seeks. So, if he were looking for a lost object he would get visions of the object with cryptic images around it. If a necklace is lost at the bottom of a lake the vision might show images of what could be found or around that lake. The more he focuses on the visions he gets the more hints/details he is given about the location. As with all magic on Atharia there is a cost for this magic. When Atticus seeks a vision of something or someone lost he starts finding himself unable to sleep. The bigger the object/person he seeks, the harder it is for him to sleep. How long he looks into the vision also affects how hard it is for him to sleep. Eventually, usually a couple weeks, after he has gotten the vision he returns to being able to sleep properly.


Atticus is a mixture of cheery and serious. He firmly believes that good cheer is how to get through the day and that it makes the life of everyone around brighter. Though he believes that everything should be done with a smile This doesn't mean he can't be stoic. In fact when the situation calls for it he can border on being entirely emotionless.

  • Carmen (Sibling): Carmen is Atticus's sibling.
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