Brooke Beachholde

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Commoner Brooke Beachholde
Faction : Beachholde
Kingdom : Choisi
Birthdate : 10/26/1191 (Age: 30)
Gender : Female
Position : Commoner
Parent : Unnamed
Parent : Unnamed
Status : Single
Children : None
Portrayed By :
Beachholde Crest.png

The Beachholdes were not one of the most known people before Zella became a Knight, which makes Brooke pleased as punch. It means she can reach further up and find a way to be with some of the most powerful people. She did her best to get her education on par with the most powerful people in Atharia so they look at her as an equal. She's stepped on people to push herself to be one of the 'popular' people.

RP Hooks
  • Beacholde: Brooke is a member of the Beachholde family. She is a sister of Knight Zella Beachholde.
  • Mean Girl: Brooke is a mean girl, one of the types ones always taken down by the unpopular types in the movies (doesn't mean it will happen to her).

For someone from Choisi Kingdom this woman is average height. However, she has long, curly silver-blonde hair, golden skin, and storm-grey eyes do not fail to draw attention. Brooke has the long, slender ears the people of Choisi typically have. She is thin but build enough to be quite appealing to those who like the leggy blonde types, and she is leggy.

She her hair is left down but pulled back from her face by ornate silver hair combs set with green and purple gems. Around her neck is a necklace with her name set with the same gems as her combs. The dress she wears is an ombre of green and purple. It has puffy sleeves that stop at the middle of her upper arms and a skirt that falls to just past her knees. On her feel are a pair of black heels.


Brooke can create a water shield around her and those of her choosing. She has to have some sort of water available to do this. If she doesn't have water, as she needs something to construct the shield from. Creating shields leaves her completely defenseless, as in she can barely move, for a long time after, each person she shields makes the duration she is defenseless longer.


Brooke is what most would classify as a 'Popular Mean Girl'. She's sweet as honey to those that can provide benefit to her and dismissive, bordering on cruel, to those that she deems less than her. She believes herself to be one of the people that is a leader, it doesn't matter if she isolates those she deems 'unworthy', she is always in the right (in her mind).

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