Dallas Waterdeep

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Dallas Waterdeep
Faction : Commoner
Kingdom : Choisi
Birthdate : 2/11/1185 (Age: 37)
Gender : Other
Position : Butcher
Parent : Not Named
Parent : Not Named
Status : Single
Children : None
Portrayed By :

Dallas is a sibling to Baronetess Maxine Waterdeep, one of several. They had a pretty decent education, which, eventually, had a focus on their desire to become a butcher. Over all, they had a pleasant life and didn't desire for much, as they mostly got what they wanted and needed. Eventually they moved in with their childhood friends Charlie and Erin and Dallas opened a butchery.

RP Hooks
  • Butcher: Dallas is a butcher.
  • Choisi Kingdom: Dallas is from Choisi Kingdom.
  • Commoner: Dallas is a commoner of the Choisi Kingdom.
  • Waterdeep Family: Dallas is a member of the Waterdeep family.

Dallas is roughly average height for someone from Choisi Kingdom. Their shoulder length brunette hair, with long slender ears peeping out, is complimented by their dark brown eyes and the paler hue of brown of their skin. For a person of Choisi, who are typically quite slender, Dallas is built quite beefy.

They have pulled their hair back with a simple tie and wear a pair of round gold earrings. They have a necklace that matches it. They wear a flowing grey tunic with a pair of black leggings and a pair of dark brown boots. An apron that hooks over their neck and reaches the knees is work over their clothing.


Dallas doesn't have the most useful of ability, except made for the rich to flaunt their wealth in a way. Dallas has the uncanny ability to tell how to perfectly cut a piece of meat so that the use of it is optimized. Dallas just needs to glance at the carcass and they know what to do to get the best cuts with the least amount of waste. Though an innate ability, Dallas does need to work on improving it. Dallas constantly has a feel of blood lust, the more intensely they focus on finding the perfect cut the stronger the lust is. At times it can border on driving Dallas insane but since they rarely need to focus intently they don't often get into the state of blood lust driving them insane.


Dallas is an abrupt person that can almost seem unsettling if a person doesn't know them. They have a temper and can often create an uncomfortable feeling. However, despite that it is not hard to see that they are a kind person. They often do something charitable and are quick to give aid to people. Dallas is a fiercely loyal person.

  • Charlie (Companion): Dallas, Charlie, and Erin have been friends since childhood.
  • Erin (Companion): Dallas, Charlie, and Erin have been friends since childhood.
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