Dorian Hardwood

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Knight Dorian Hardwood
Faction : Hardwood
Kingdom : Santua
Birthdate : 7/17/1179 (Age: 43)
Gender : Male
Position : Knight
Parent : Not named
Parent : Not named
Status : Married
Children : 3
Portrayed By :
Hardwood Crest.png

Dorian is one of four siblings. They grew up in a bit of a rough life, a bit of a struggle to make ends meet. However, education was not put off by anyone in the family. Dorian got the best education that he could, with as much focus on the fact he was skilled with weaponry. This education enhanced when he became the Squire of the First Knight of the Santua Family: Pavel Maple. Not to many years after he became an adult Dorian married Therese and with her Dorian had three children. When Pavel passed on Dorian became the Knight of the Santuas, having proven his worth by saving them several times.

RP Hooks
  • Commoner: Dorian is a commoner.
  • Hardwood Family: Dorian is the official Knight of the Santua family, which makes his family a Knighthood. He has a village that he takes care of.
  • Santua Kingdom: Dorian is from the Santua Kingdom.
  • Santua Knight: Dorian is the Knight of the Santua Family, making him somewhat the Knight of the full Kingdom.

Even for someone from Santua Dorian is quite tall, standing at 7'. He has a lean build but the muscles are quite easily seen, betraying is physical prowess. His silver eyes stand out against his sky blue skin and bring attention to his chiseled features. His short, wavy, and dark sky blue hair has a natural disheveled look to it, not easily tamed.

One of Dorian's ears is pierced and home to a gold and black diamond stud earring. He wears a blue leather jacket over a bright green button up shirt. A brown leather sword belt, with a sword on it, holds up a pair of blue pants. On his feet are a pair of sturdy brown leather boots.


Dorian is capable of using any weapon, or thing as a weapon, with semi-decent skill. He could know nothing of what he is holding but when he activates his ability he knows just what to do to use it right. The more knowledge he has of the weapon and combat the more skilled Dorian is with the weapon of choice. However, activating this power tends to send him into a berserker state. At first he holds a bit of reason but the longer Dorian uses the magic the more he loses his reason and more focused he becomes on the battle.


Dorian is a stoic man who puts his duties, kingdom, and family before pretty much anything, the only exception is the Gods. He has no interest in starting conflicts but he is the type who will finish them. He's slow too anger and quick to defend those in need.

  • Kalem (Liege): Dorian is Kalem's Knight and does not hesitate to put his life on the line for the Santua Family.
  • Nathan (Kingdom Heir): Dorian puts the safety of Nathan above everyone but King Kalem. Nathan is the heir to the Santua Kingdom.
  • Starling (Bishopess): starling is Nathan's heir and she doesn't always follow Santua traditions but he will do anything to protect her.
  • Swallow (Princess): Princess Swallow is the wife of Kalem's heir, Nathan, so by extension Dorian prioritizes protecting her like he does with all royals.
  • Valeria (Questing Princess): Dorian doesn't strive to protect Valeria as much as he does most of the Santua family as she is a knight and as a result skilled in combat. Though if she is in a situation she is in danger he will not hesitate to protect her.
  • Therese (Spouse): Therese is Dorian's spouse and he loves her. He supports her and she supports him.
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