Elara Mithal

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Lady Elara Mithal
Faction : Mithal
Kingdom : Luminat
Birthdate : 2/21/1203 (Age: 23)
Gender : Female
Position : Lady
Parent : Duchess Mikki Mithal
Parent : Duchess Nura Mithal
Status : Single
Children : None
Portrayed By :
Mithal Crest.png

Though not the direct heir of the Mithal family Elara was raised for the possibility she /might/ become the heir should her older sister not. Though, she was not the best student when it came to her education, she got a good enough grasp on it she could lead her family if she must. What she did excel at was understanding people and the law. She has decided to join Luminat's Guard to help serve justice. She has travelled to the Seat of the Gods to decide if she desires to join the Holy Knights.

RP Hooks
  • Fires Of Justice: Elara's magic, for whatever reason, can tell when someone feels their actions are unjust.
  • Luminat Kingdom: Elara is from the Luminat Kingdom.
  • Mithal Family: Elara is the daughter of Duchesses Mikki and Nura Mithal.
  • Nobility: Elara is considered part of nobility.

This woman has a sturdy build, that displays her well toned muscles as well as a subtle hint of a feminine figure. Her pale blonde hair is ear-length long and compliments her lily-white skin well. The fairness of her skin and hair causes her turquoise eyes to pop. She generally wears simple, militaristic style clothing that reflect either her family colours or the Choisi Kingdom colours.


The magic of Elara revolves around fire, but it causes no harm to a person unless they are doing something unjust by their own standards. Elara creates a ring of fire around someone that is inescapable until Elara ends it. She can do this by request or because her instincts tell her she needs too. The ring of fire just feels like a room lit by a fire to someone that is 'just' in their own eyes but if the person feels like they went against their own morals, their own sense of justice, that fire burns. Sometimes physically, sometimes mentally. After she finishes using her fire ring Elara tends to lose her own moral compass. What she would normally consider 'bad' she wouldn't really see it as good nor bad. It is just a thing that was done. This only lasts a couple hours, at most, before her moral compass kicks back in and she feels what she normally would about the 'bad' thing and may even feel guilt over having no opinion either way.


Elara is an easy-going person, except when she feels people are creating injustice. A parent seeking justice for their murdered child, whatever method it may be, does not necessarily mean the parent is unjust, sure, they might be breaking the law, but it is not necessarily unjust. She would not consider the parent 'in the wrong'. Beyond against those being unjust Elara is the type to let everything slide over her like water off a duck's back. She rarely gets angry, she also rarely gets super excited. She is just calm and easy-going. Things happen and she goes with it, as long as it is not against her moral compass. She can, typically, get a good grasp on people after a short time with talking to them so she can usually read the moods and unspoken words of people.

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