Elio Divinus

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Bishop Elio Divinus
Faction : Clergy
Kingdom : Seat Of The Gods
Birthdate : 4/12/1192 (Age: 33)
Gender : male
Position : Bishop
Parent : <parent>
Parent : <parent>
Status : <marital status>
Children : <children>
Portrayed By :
Clergy Crest.png

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RP Hooks

This man has a slim build that makes him appear a bit taller than he is at an initial glance. He has shoulder length, straight, dark red hair and his skin is a deep brown hue. His cobalt-blue eyes draw attention, as they contrast quite nicely with his skin tones. He typically wears the clergy robes of Soleil over an outfit the compliments him and works well with the hue of the robes.


Elio is a user of light magic. His power has two aspects of it but isn't really that useful in the long run. He can light up a dark area and shift the shape a light takes into different forms. It is more showy than useful. He often uses his light shifting for entertainment. The drawback for his magic is that he goes partially blind for a short period of time. The more he uses his magic the longer he is partially blind.


Elio is a guy with a fiery temper and a mouth that doesn't quit. He has a pleasant disposition, despite his tendency to never shut up, that encourages people to open up to him. He doesn't let many people get too far into his innermost circle. They might not always get into his inner circle but Elio is always happy to be someone's friend.

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