Emma Windsong

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Marchioness Emma Windsong
Faction : Windsong
Kingdom : Santua
Birthdate : 10/24/1179 (Age: 42)
Gender : Female
Position : Marchioness
Parent : Unnamed
Parent : Unnamed
Status : Married
Children : Yes
Portrayed By :
Windsong Crest.png

Emma was raised by a rather indifferent parents, who cared more about politicking and socializing that raise Emma and her siblings. When she was of age she was married to Emilian Windsong in a political maneuver that provided benefit for her family and Emilian's. And so she joined his family. She had considered becoming a Courtesan before she became an adult but decided it was not what she wanted. So, it didn't bother her to be used for political gains. Her and Emilian had three children during their marriage.

RP Hooks
  • March: Emma, by marriage, is the Marchioness of the Windsong March
  • Santua: Emma is a citizen of the Santua Kingdom.
  • Socialite: Emma is a socialite. She is could be considered to be on par of a Courtesan.
  • Windsong: Emma is a member of the Windsong family.

Emma is as tall as one expects from those that are of Santua Kingdom, though she is on the shorter side. Her raven black hair and silver eyes stand out against the turquoise hue of her skin. Her figure is slender but she has eye-catching curves. She wears a dress that is a beautiful blend of cyan and red with gold jewelry bearing sapphires and rubies, to compliment it. On her feet is a pair of heels and her hair is pulled into a loose braid.


While through practice and hard work Emma can cause a person to do as she wants sometimes that fails. She has a solution for that: Her ability is to sweeten her words and she seems to know exactly how to convince someone to do exactly what she wants, even if they hate her or seems very against what she wants them to do. The price, though, to force someone to do her bidding is that everything goes wrong, constantly, for days after. Where she would normally be flawless at a dinner she fumbles everything from the way she says something to her actions. This makes her extremely careful about when and how often she uses this ability (Emma, when used on a PC must make a roll of: +roll emma=manipulation-2 vs <target>=presence+2


Emma is confident and friendly, mostly. She can generally navigate her way through any sort of social setting and come out on top. One thing, though, is Emma can be extremely vengeful against those who she has decided wronged her. She shows no mercy in how she retaliates, though, she tries to keep it on par with the 'wrong doing' done to her. If someone calls her a commoner and treats her as such she will do what /she/ considers to be on the same level as that 'insult'. Except that vindictive side of her Emma is always happy to help someone in need, or at least pretend like she is happy too.

  • Emilian (Spouse): Emmma is fond of her husband but, like him, she doesn't consider it a love match. They were married for political reasons and she is good with that.
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