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Other Essa Snow
Faction : Icegarde
Kingdom : Divinus
Birthdate : 11/11/1201 (Age: 24)
Gender : Female
Position : Other
Parent : Unnamed
Parent : Unnamed
Status : Single
Children : None
Portrayed By :
Icegarde Crest.png

Essa is a child of a pair of Commoners who live in Wolfview Village, which is a village protected by the Sage Icegarde. Essa is one of several siblings. She was brought into the service of the Windrock family at a very young age and her education was how best to serve the then Lord Liam Windrock. When he was put into isolation to protect him as a Child of Gods Essa was sent with him to get him everything he would need. She has been with him ever since. When he became Santua royalty she stayed in the Divinus Kingdom but still serves him like she always has. She is one of the people given exception and lives in a room off his in Elysium.

RP Hooks
  • Commoner: Essa is a commoner.
  • Divinus Kingdom: Essa is from the Divinus Kingdom.
  • Icegarde: Essa is from the village, Wolfview, that is controlled by Sage Icegarde.
  • Loyal Servant: Essa is a loyal servant of Prince Liam Santua, having been with him since he was a young boy and a lord of the Windrock Barony.

This small woman is a looker in a subtle, easily forgotten way. She has midnight black hair that cascades down to her waist and is typically pulled back into two braids bound with ribbons. She has forest-green eyes that are fringed with long lashes and stand out in her fair skin. She is on the shorter side, not even five feet, but has quite the figure. She has a fairly large chest, a narrow waist, and a rounded backside. Her shapely legs compliment her form.

Essa typically wears a simple dress that accents her figure and compliments her body. She wears a woolen cloak during the winter and the minimal jewelry she has matches well. On her feet are a pair of heeled ankle boots that lace up. Her face is done up with just enough make-up to accent her features.


Essa can summon animals to her at will. It is, typically, one or two of any time. After summoning them she can give them simple commands such as 'Take this to X place' or 'Attack X'. This gives her a very close affinity to animals. However, when she does this, Essa starts to become more animal like and lose her ability to reason like a human. The bigger and stronger the animals are, the more feral she becomes. The number of animals she summons can also expediate how feral she becomes. She has been known to disappear for days after a particularly strong summoning of animals to her then ordering them. There is a delay, though, allowing her time to resolve a situation before it takes a hold.


Essa is a timid and quiet girl who stammers around people she places on a high pedestal, with the exception of the nobles she serves. She is, in general, a kind soul who is hard working and devoted to those she cares for. She takes her work very seriously but is known to let her hair down from time to time. She cares very much for others and honoring the Gods.

  • Liam (Lord): Liam Prince Santua is the lord, now prince, Essa serves whole heartedly and completely loyally.
  • Ozymandias (Archbishop of Mataya): Ozymandias is one of the people Essa met that came to escort Liam to the Seat of the Gods.
  • Taya (Princess): Taya is the Divinus heir who was involved in bringing Liam to the Seat of Gods. Essa hero-worships her because she is the Divinus heir and because of the stories she's heard of the princess.
  • Valeria (Santua Princess): Taya was one of the people who came to collect Liam to bring him to Elysium in the Seat of the Gods.
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