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Council of the Devoted Crest.png

The Council of the Devoted is an old religious order that has been around since before Aldrich’s Empire, which was well before the Kingdoms came to be. Initially they were people believed to be chosen by the Gods. That they blessed by them. However, somewhere along the way they lost what they believed they were chosen to do and sought to control the world. They used to be favored by the Gods to ‘prove they are the right people to lead the mortals to where they should be.’ It is unclear to whether they are still favored because not all their actions seem to have the Gods in mind even though they use them for their front.

The Council of the Devoted has many connections, as they are the oldest ‘group’ still existing in Atharia. The once held the power to bend kings to their will but faith in them waned when their actions started to seem questionable and more controlling. They still hold considerable power, but they can not easily influence those in power anymore. It is said that one of the Gods might be involved in the dealings of the Council of the Devoted but there is no firm confirmation, just hearsay.

The Council of the Devoted have people in all the kingdoms, some obviously a member and come are hidden, acting as spies to take control from the inside (if you want to be secretly part of the Council of the Devoted you can, should it make sense). The Council of the Devoted’s public people wear dark hooded robes emblazoned with a crest that looks similar to the Clergy’s crest but it is different. The crest also looks to be very old, likely the original crest created by this Council. The hoods are wide enough to hide who they are. Tattooed on the back of their hands are symbols related to the God they claim to serve.

It is not known who is involved in the Council of the Devoted but it is known that their have branches that relate to each God and each God has a ‘leader’ plus an over all leader, similar to the new Conclave off Divine Guidance. It is also known that they do not use their real names when ‘acting’ in the name of the Council. It is always something like ‘The Fang Bearing Wolf of Ossian.’ What the leaders are called is, unknown as of yet.

  • Council Leader: ??
  • Council Subleaders:
  1. ?? of Larthin – Real Name: ??
  2. ?? of Mataya – Real Name: ??
  3. ?? of Ossian – Real Name: ??
  4. ?? of Attia – Real Name: ??
  5. ?? of Hilal – Real Name: ??
  6. ?? of Soleil – Real Name: ??
  7. ?? of Masquerade – Real Name: ??
  8. ?? of Echo – Real Name: ??

OOC: You can absolutely be secretly part of the Council of the Devoted as a player.