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The Three Pillars Tournament is an event that is held several times a year, at least four times, and is hosted by three people. Typically, the group is made up of a royal, someone skilled in combat, and someone that is an intellectual or a socialite. Each Kingdom is known to hold at least one, focused on their own people but they do not refuse anyone who wishes to join. Each Tournament has three major events to them, hence the name ‘Three Pillars.’ These events are social based, combat based, and intellectual based. There are no specific details about the events, just that they meet the intellect, social, and combat base of them. It is not often someone participates in all three of the major events, as they have their demographic focus. Smaller events are also held that are a little more diverse in their focus but can often tie into the three major events.

The tournaments can have anyone enter, from nobles to commoners. The purpose of them is for each kingdom to show off their best and brightest people. These tournaments are also often used for nobles to pick a Sage, Baronet, and Knight for their lands. As these three positions are for commoners nobles who join are usually given positions of note among the noble families or the kingdoms or as marriage candidates for royals, titled nobles, or other kingdoms nobility and royalty. It is not uncommon very betting by the people (nobles and commoners alike) and playful (sometimes not) rivalry between kingdoms to happen.

The tournament is judged by the three hosts as well as the audience. The judges and audience are given signs with numbers they can flip on them to ‘score’ the event. The hosts/judges have a scoring system they use for points and the ones with the highest scores at the end of the tournament and each major event are considered the winners. So, there is always 3 first place, 3 second place, and so on.

OOC: There is no specific way the competitions are held if it relates to their aspect. So, a social setting could be serving tea to a ‘Queen.’ Intellectual competitions could be anything that assesses mental prowess such a jeopardy, clue games, etc. Combat could be about planning and executing a battle. Determining the winner is the sum of 5 rolls by the competitors and the highest will be considered the winner. The exception is using coded combat with a ‘last man standing’ for the combat aspect. For games like Jeopardy the roll points could be used for how quick they are each round (aka highest roll). Basically, it is up to the player on how the competition is ran and how to meet the roll ‘wins.’ Rolls are used in interest of keeping things relatively fair. Though, there is 100% space for figuring out how to IC cheat. Work with people involved in the scene to achieve a ‘cheat.’ Roll scores, changes should it not work out well:

Roll Result Points Awarded
Embarrassing Failure -2
Failure -1
Success 1
Good Success 2
Great Success 3
Amazing Success 5