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NOTE: This family has been turned into an NPC for the foreseeable future. This could potentially change should the game become big and the open families become over abundant in people. You can absolutely have previously been from this family and married into another or in the case of people from Seat of the Gods (such as Holy Knights, Clergy, or Courtesans) and have thrown off the rights and privileges of the family.

Ruler: Viscount Thorsten Westgrain and Viscount Armen Westgrain (Spouse)

Heir: Lord Gael Westgrain

Kingdom: Luminat Kingdom

Typical Religion: Polytheism

House Colors: White and Dark Gray

Coat of Arms: Two crossed black swords at a central point.

Motto: They say strength comes in numbers but the most skilled can take out a good portion of those numbers before going down. Consider that.

Story: The Westgrains are quite the militaristic family and their skill in combat is what earned them the title of Viscount. The majority of the family tends towards doing something combat orientated be it hunter, soldier, naval, or some kind of fighter. It is never a surprise to know that a Westgrain is a member of the military, especially if they are ranked. Viscount Thorsten is the second to rule Westgrain Viscounty.

Family Hook: All Westgrains specialize in some sort of weapon and learning how to stand tall and respect those of authority. Their days are often filled with training. They are militaristic people, after all, and for them the greatest failure is not to know how to fight and to disrespect authority. They come down hard on the family members who disobey orders given. Though, not being able to fight is considered a failure, they do understand that not everyone can be a person skilled in physical combat.

Westgrain Family Tree

OOC: Names, ages, who has children, siblings, or spouses can be changed within reason. The only exception for names, ages, and spouses (children and siblings are fine) is the rulers and their heirs. Also keep in mind in the ages of the rulers when asking/wanting to be in a certain place or relationship. The traditional way of how a kingdom passes down a title also needs to be kept in mind. Contact staff for any changes you want to make in regards to names or ages. People with no names can basically be adjusted however.

The family tree has been removed since it is not the most important for an NPC house hold. It will be set back should the family be turned into a PC one again.

People of the Family