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With the wiki there comes a few minor rules. We are not going to put high demand on what you are expected to keep in mind. All staff run pages (theme files, family information pages, etc) will be locked to be edited by staff unless stated otherwise. Outside the usual 'don't edit what isn't yours unless you have permission' rule we have:

  1. At absolute most 5 images for your character pages.
  2. Try to keep the colors you use to customize your character page easy on the eyes.
  3. Logs and the likes can be posted but need to be clearly indicated if they are not safe to read at work. We don't really care what kind of logs you post but keep in mind your fellow players and they kind of stuff they would be comfortable in sharing.
  4. Character page names should have both last and first names as the name.

This is all, at the moment. Please do be prepared that we may add or change some of the wiki 'rules'.