Idalia Highpeak

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Lady Idalia Highpeak
Faction : Highpeak
Kingdom : Divinus
Birthdate : 3/5/1205 (Age: 20)
Gender : Female
Position : Lady
Parent : Alana Highpeak
Parent : Clarice Riddler
Status : Single
Children : None
Portrayed By :
Highpeak Crest.png

Idalia is one of the children of Duchess Alana Highpeak, who is now deceased, and a sibling of Duchess Annie Highpeak. However, Idalia is the daughter of a Consort so she is not likely to be a candidate to inherit the Duchy if something happened to Annie. This doesn't bother Idalia, she is pretty happy to just live her life as she wants. Though, she was raised with the possibility that she MIGHT become the heir so her education partially reflects that though, it tends to have more of a focus towards medicinal things. She is, currently, not married and has no children. She, also, currently does not have a Consort.

RP Hooks
  • Acolyte Of Soleil: After Soleil and Hilal was discovered and Idalia researched about the Lost Gods, which is what they are often referred to as, she felt an affinity towards the Sixth God and decided to devote herself to Soleil. Idalia hasn't decided if she will devote herself enough to give up her title as a Highpeak noblewoman so, she is pretty content being an Acolyte of this particular Lost God. Maybe in the future she will advance as a member of Soleil's Clergy but for now, she is staying an Acolyte, with her family, and in her kingdom.
  • Child Of A Consort: Idalia is the child of her mother Duchess Alana Highpeak's Consort. She is a bit pleased with this because it means she is the least likely to become the Heir out of her siblings should something happen to Annie.
  • Divinus Kingdom: Idalia is a born and raised member of the Divinus Kingdom.
  • Highpeak Family: Idalia is the youngest sister of Duchess Annie Highpeak. She is a member of the Highpeak family, obviously.
  • Kind Hearted Healer: Because Idalia is a bit of a bleeding heart when it comes tot hose in pain she has taken up advancing healing skills along with what is good for a matchmaker.
  • Matchmaker: Although quite young, Idalia has been striving to make herself a sought after MAtchmaker, mainly for her kingdom but she doesn't discriminate.
  • Monogamous: Idalia is a monogamous girl. Though she won't be happy she won't object to her spouse having a Consort. She understands noble marriages are about politics and has little to do with love but she does hope that instead of purely political, she will get the rare case of noble marriages that are both political and love. Ultimately she is unlikely to have a lover outside her spouse and, if she takes one, her Consort. She will not take a Consort if her marriage has as much love in it as it does politics.
  • Noble: As with all that are considered nobility, Idalia recalls her past lives and what was done in them. She doesn't share much about those lives with people she doesn't know.

This slender and shapely woman is on the shorter side for a person from the Divinus Kingdom. Her raven black hair is wavy and falls to just past her shoulders. A few tendrils frame her face to bring out her fair skin and the violet hue of her eyes. She has arms and legs that are a bit on the longer side, which creates the illusion she is taller than she is. Her overall figure is very much to what is commonly considered 'desirable': breasts on the larger side and a well shaped bottom. She has her hair pulled back into a braid and woven with a dark crimson ribbon. She wears a form-fitting, halter top, silk dress that is a dark crimson hue and falls to mid-thigh. The back of the dress cuts low to her waist and the front dips daringly low on the front. The skirt is pleated and has a flare to it so it swivels around her legs when she moves. A black, sheer, silk jacket that falls to mid-thigh is worn over the dress, adding more fashion than weather protection. Each ear has a ruby rose stud pierced into them and around her neck is a back rose pendant on a delicate chain link necklace. Each wrist is home to several bracelets that vary between silver, ruby inlay, and black diamond inlay. Around her waist is a black leather belt with a ruby buckle. The final touch is a pair of mid-calf high black leather, lace up, boots with heels that are a couple inches high and wedged.


Idalia is a seer of the past. She is never certain if it will be exactly what someone is looking for but she can see the past. Should she be touching the hand of someone and she activates her magic she can see their past. It can be their current life or a previous life. If she really concentrates she can potentially pinpoint exactly what the person wants to know about their past. This, as all magic does, comes at a cost. The longer she looks into a past, the more ill she becomes. A brief peek is bit of dizziness and the longer she looks the more severe the illness symptoms are. It can be any sort of illness.


Idalia is an upbeat person who likes to have fun. She has one hell of a temper that can be set off at the drop of the hat. However, along with being temperamental and fun-loving Idalia is a kind soul at heart who hates to see people suffer. Not counting when SHE does it to punish those who set off her temper and 'wronged' her. They deserve to temporarily suffer.

  • Alana Highpeak (Parent): Idalia is fond of her mother. She was quite heart broke when Alana died.
  • Annie (Sibling): Annie is Idalia's sister. She is the current Duchess of the Highpeaks.
  • Clarice Riddler (Parent): Idalia loves her other mother, Clarice Riddler. Idalia happily devotes herself to taking care of Clarice since Clarice raised her good. Sure, Idalia might be a Highpeak but Clarice is a common born woman. Idalia does what she can to give her mother a life of luxury, even if she is well taken care of because she is the Consort of the now deceased Duchess Alana Highpeak.
  • Fiona (Sister-in-Law): Fiona is Annie's wife, making her Idalia's sister-in-Law. She is also considered a Duchess by marriage.
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