Kaelyn Mountainwind

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Matchmaker Kaelyn Mountainwind
Faction : Mountainwind
Kingdom : Divinus
Birthdate : 12/27/1186 (Age: 35)
Gender : Female
Position : Matchmaker
Parent : Delilah Mountainwind (Deceased)
Parent : Naomi Mountainwind (Deceased)
Status : Married
Children : Some
Portrayed By :
Mountainwind Crest.png

Kaelyn is the sister of Marchioness Xena Mountainwind, and has a few other siblings. She was raised with wealth and privilege, as nobles are. However, instead of resting on her laurels Kaelyn decided to help those that were in need. Between training to be a proper noble and helping others Kaelyn discovered she found it interesting to be a matchmaker. So, she became one and did her best to make connections with all the people she could so she could build up her 'customer base'. When she was in her early twenties Kaelyn was politically matched, by another matchmaker, to Marius. With him she had several children. As common of a noble Kaelyn recalls her previous lives.

RP Hooks
  • Courtesans: Kaelyn works closely with the Courtesans in mutual beneficial relationship.
  • Matchmaker: Kaelyn has been a Matchmaker since she became an adult. She has ties to several of the families of the city.
  • Mountainwind Family: Kaelyn is from the Mountainwind family.
  • Who's Who: Kaelyn is very knowledgeable of the who's who of Atharia.

Kaelyn has honey blond hair that is very curly and falls to the center of her back. Her skin is a natural tanned hue and her eyes a deep sapphire blue. She is roughly 5'5" and has a full figure that could almost be described as the perfect hourglass. She has a subtle pink glow to her body, marking her as being from the Divinus Kingdom.

Kaelyn has her hair pulled back in a braided bun that allows a few tendrils to frame her face. Her face is done up with subtle make up that is designed to bring out her eyes. Around her neck is a silver chair with a diamond star pendant and she has diamond studded earrings in her ears. She wears a pale blue, long sleeved, silk, button up shirt. One wrist is home to a silver bracelet that dangles a variety of charms. A black, leather skirt, with a subtle flare, falls to just passed mid-thigh. Knee-high, lace up, black leather boots that have heels that are a couple inches high.


Kaelyn has the ability to know the true desires of those she works with. She looks at them and studies them for a small bit to activate it. She doesn't put to much effort into honing this, just enough to make what she wants to do work. However, the more she uses this ability the less she feels desire for things. She once loved the feel of the sun on her skin now she feels pretty indifferent about it. The pulling away her own persona desires makes Kaelyn dislike using her ability to much but she does when someone is being difficult.


Kaelyn is a refined and kind person. She is rarely mean to anyone and she is quick to give aid to those in need. She works hard to make connections with all sorts of people and finding the best matches for those who use her as their Matchmaker. It is rare for Kaelyn to lose her temper. She is pretty uncanny with how well she understands what someone wants for Matches, even when not explained clearly.

  • Marius (Spouse): Kaelyn and Marius are married and have been for quite some time. She is pretty happy with him.
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