Kalei Laska

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Debutante Kalei Laska
Faction : Courtesan
Kingdom : Seat Of The Gods
Birthdate : 4/24/1200 (Age: 22)
Gender : Female
Position : Debutante
Parent : Unnamed
Parent : Unnamed
Status : Single
Children : None
Portrayed By :
Courtesan Crest.png

Kalei is an orphan who was raised by the clergy of Attia. She was torn between becoming an Acolyte or a Debutante when she was younger but eventually decided Debutante was where she wanted to be. With much love to her 'parents' Kalei joined the Courtesans over the direct clergy. Since then her education has been a mix of suiting for a Courtesan and for the Clergy.

RP Hooks
  • Debutante: Kalei is a Debutante at The Siren's Song.
  • Seat Of The Gods: Kalei has lived at the Seat of Gods all her life.

This woman is on the shorter side and her wavy dark red hair falls to her waist. It has been cut to frame her face, contrasting with her fair skin and causing her silver eyes to stand out. She has quite the curvy figure, as she is shapely in all the right places to make her very appealing to those that like her type.

Her hair has been braided with little flowers woven into it. Her face is touched with just enough make up to draw her features out. She has gold and emerald droplet earrings and a gold chain necklace with am emerald heart on it. She has opted to wear a emerald green leather corset over a white silk top, off the shoulders, with belled sleeves. Around eahc wrist is delicate bracelets set with tiny emeralds. A black silk, pleated, skirt is the next piece of clothing she wears. It comes to mid-thigh. The final touch is a pair of knee-length emerald green leather boots with heals that are a couple inches high.


Kalei can create heady scents that can fill a room and work at creating a feeling that Kalei wants someone to have, it doesn't work flawlessly as the people can decide not to feel the evoked feelings. It can be any type of scene desired. She could fashion a scent intended to evoke desire or drowsiness or anger. If she is certain she can make the scent do what she wants it is very likely to do so. Scent is a powerful thing and it does not come without consequence. Kalei finds herself very weakened after she uses this. She can not lift much more than a couple pounds, she feels very lethargic and so on. She is not helpless but, physically, it weakens her in various ways for a period of time. The stronger the scent, the weaker and longer the side effects are on her.


Kelei is a happy-go-lucky girl. Little angers her and little gets her spirits down. She likes to be friends with everyone, though, she is not really bothered by people disliking her. It is their choice and all. This constantly chipper nature can be grating on the nerves for some people, though. It is like she feels nothing but happiness and friendliness. The bubble of delight can be popped for those who want to push at her hard enough. What happens when that bubble is broken is unpredictable and worrisome.

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