Keziah Floragrove

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Lady Keziah Floragrove
Faction : Floragrove
Kingdom : Luminat
Birthdate : 9/10/1192 (Age: 33)
Gender : Female
Position : Lady
Parent : Unnamed
Parent : Unnamed
Status : Single
Children : None
Portrayed By :
Floragrove Crest.png

Keziah is a sibling to Marchioness Flavia Floragrove, one of quite a few. Though Keziah is not the heir she was educated as one who could become one, as all her siblings were. Keziah did well enough in learning what she needed to but she was more interested in building farms over those politics. She, thankfully, did not become the Marchioness so Keziah could devote all her time to travelling and setting up farms. Which she has done.

RP Hooks
  • Floragroves: Keziah is part of the Floragrove family.
  • Luminat Kingdom: Keziah is from the Luminat Kingdom.
  • Noble: Keziah is considered nobility.
  • Traveler: Keziah is, as many of her family are, a traveler who seeks to help people build farms.

This woman stands at 5'6" and has a slender build. Though, she does not lack feminine appeal. Her ebony skin causes her sapphire blue eyes to pop. Her dark brown hair is wavy and falls to about the middle of her back. She wears an outfit that complements her skin tone and figure with matching accessories.


Keziah can use earth magic in most way, but she can especially cause soil/dirt that has lost all it nutrients into the best soil/dirt that can be found to give plants/trees/crops life. Though her earth magic isn't powerful it is diverse (if you want to do something with it pitch it). The downfall of her magic is if that her feet aren't always on the ground her heart starts to race. The longer she is off the ground the faster her heart races. If she is not touching the ground for too long, it could kill her. This includes riding in anything.


Keziah is ALWAYS about the next new thing. At least when it comes to different plant life. She loves to experiment and test things and people. One thing or another always catches her eye. Rarely does she linger on anything. She, instead, prefers to get people started on whatever whim has caught her attention and leave it to them to finish. She calls it 'trial by fire' or 'learning on the go.' She is a friendly person who is just far to easily distracted. Rare is it that she loses her temper, though she does get annoyed when things don't go her way.

  • Rosalia (Princess Heir): Princes Rosalia is the heir to the Luminat kingdom. Keziah looks forward to being able to use her family's specialty for her and her family.
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