Larthena Highbranch

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Lady Larthena Highbranch
Faction : Highbranch
Kingdom : Santua
Birthdate : 10/4/1193 (Age: 28)
Gender : Female
Position : Lady
Parent : Duke Cesare Highbranch (Deceased)
Parent : Duke Wilhem Highbranch (Decesased)
Status : Single
Children : None
Portrayed By :
Highbranch Crest.png

Larthena is the twin of Lord Alvin Highbranch, the heir to the Highbranch family, and Duke Jan Highbranch, the ruler of the family. She has other siblings as well. She got all the education a noble of the Highbranch family should get. She seems to be pretty unconcerned for the fact she is not the heir, accepting the traditions of the Santua Kingdom. She supports her twin in whatever method she can.

RP Hooks
  • Highbranch: Larthena is a member of the Highbranch family.
  • Santua Kingdom: Larthena is from the Santua Kingdom.

For a person from Santua Larthena is on the shorter side. Her lavender skin stands out against her silver-blond hair and storm-grey eyes. She has quite the sturdy build that has subtle hints of her feminine curves.

She wears a silk green jacket over a pink sink button up top. Fastened by a brown leather belt is a pair of green silk pants and black leather heels on her feet. She has jewelry that compliments the outfit.


Destruction, that is what Larthena understands when it comes to magic, as that is what hers is based based upon. With a flick of her hand she can make what she thinks about, that isn't another mortal, fall to ruins. Destroying what is in her path doesn't come without risks. Sure, there is the debris from what she explodes but there is also the fact that she gets crippling headache that gets worse the longer and more she uses her magic.


Larthena can seem very cold and indifferent, detached even. She's not mean or disrespectful she is just indifferent towards. She'll smile politely and strike up a conversation but it is done with little emotion involved. It is like is investing little in people she doesn't know. Until she is with people she knows and cares about then she is very loving. With those she cares about the contrast between the her that the world see sand the her loved ones see is like night and day.

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