Lorelei Erickson

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Sergeant Lorelei Erickson
Faction : Army
Kingdom : Santua
Birthdate : 6/5/1200 (Age: 22)
Gender : Female
Position : Sergeant
Parent : Unnamed
Parent : Unnamed
Status : single
Children : None
Portrayed By :
Santua Crest.png

Lorelei is a orphan. She isn't sure what happened to her as she was left in the House of Mataya, the one located in the Santua Capital City; Greenleaf City, when she was very little. She considers the other orphans of Santua Kingdom her siblings. She got an education that was focused on religious teachings, as she was raised by the clergy of Mataya, but she spent more time rough housing and training herself in weapons. The clergy wasn't bothered nor surprised when Lorelei decided to join the Military, specifically the Army, when she became an adult. She has been there since.

RP Hooks

Lorelei is a tall woman, as is common for those of Santua Kingdom and her a body that is well-toned. She has feminine curves that are subtle. Her violet, straight, hair is kept short, just past her ears and cut to frame her face. The lilac hue of her skin compliments the mauve tone of her eyes.

Lorelei wears a blue, leather military jacket, with emblem of the military embroidered on it, over a red, cotton shirt. On her back is a leather quiver with a long bow attached to it. The leather pants she wears is blue like her jacket. A sword belt is home to a long sword and a dagger. The final touch is a pair of black ankle high leather boots.


Lorelei has a very long range she can see. It is a few miles, when she activates her ability, and a bit further than normal when she doesn't. Things in her path blurs what she can see but she can see through them like they are not there when she uses her ability. Lorelei use to see better and further when she was younger but the more she uses her long distance sight, the short her vision becomes and the less she sees. Basically, it is slowly making her blind.


Lorelei is cold and straight-laced. She can be very vindictive against those she feels wronged her. She takes tasks she decides to do or given very seriously. Once Lorelei is on a mission she gets tunnel vision and must complete it. Despite all this, once getting passed how cold and straight-laced she is it is discovered she is really a sweet person to those she cares about. She will go to the ends of the world for them, unless they betray her.

Roleplay Logs