Luna Gallant

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Acolyte Luna Gallant
Faction : Clergy
Kingdom : Seat Of The Gods
Birthdate : 10/3/1206 (Age: 18)
Gender : female
Position : Acolyte
Parent : Lord Rye Gallant
Parent : Lady/Lord Avery Gallant
Status : Single
Children : None
Portrayed By :
Clergy Crest.png

<background info -- stuff that is publicly known>

RP Hooks

This small, not even five feet, woman has long, straight blond hair that is so light it appears white and her skin is a milky white tone. Longer, slender ears peep out from among the strands of her hair. She has a slender form with subtle hints of a feminine figure. Her eyes are a sapphire blue and pop out against her paler features. She wears the robes of Hilal's clergy over an outfit that compliments her and the robe with matching accessories.


Luna can create a bubble of ice around herself and those standing close to her. The size of the ice bubble can expand to fit, at most, 10 people. Those in the bubble are protected from attacks and can breathe underwater for the bubble is automatically filled with air. Those in the bubble also can not attack anything outside the bubble of ice. It is a purely defense magic. When Luna uses this bubble, she becomes very cold when it ends. The longer she holds the bubble and the bigger it is, the colder she gets. There are even risks of frostbite and death the longer and bigger the ice bubble is.


Luna is serious about everything she does, almost too serious. She is an ideal fit for Hilal's clergy for she takes her personal honor seriously and tends towards protecting those she views as needing protection in some form. Luna is serious but easily distracted by different matters. She will get something done, as long as no one distracts her from what she is doing. It likely is the ways of a Choisian showing its face in her.

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