Lyre Rushton

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Other Lyre Rushton
Faction : SotG Nobility
Kingdom : Seat Of The Gods
Birthdate : 2/3/1188 (Age: 37)
Gender : Other
Position : Other
Parent : <parent>
Parent : <parent>
Status : <marital status>
Children : <children>
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Lyre was born and raised in the Seat of the Gods and has several siblings. They lived in the outlying communities of the Seat of the Gods for a good portion of their life but they and their family eventually moved to Tranquil City. Lyre had a pretty good education. They had a strong focus on stuff that could be considered related to performing. They are not married nor do they have children.

RP Hooks
  • Performer: Lyre is a performer of various types. They love to put on shows and showing off their skills.
  • Seat Of Gods: Lyre s born and raised in the Seat of Gods.
  • Seat Of The Gods Nobility: Lyre is considered nobility that was born in the Seat of the Gods.
  • Specialized Perfectionist: Lyre is only a perfectionist when it comes to something they are greatly interested in.

Lyre is a slenderly built person who does not have any physical traits that define them as male or female. They have very andronygous facial features and in their body shape. They stand at about 5'9 in height and have skin that is a beautiful golden hue. Their amber eyes and shoulder length, straight light-brown hair goes well with their complexion.

They typically wear colors that compliment their looks but also very extravagant and outlandish. There is rarely a specific style or color beyond that it is something that will draw the eye. Their hair and makeup, should they do anything with either, is just as 'loud' as their style of dress.


Lyre can create quite the show of lights when they activate their magic. The light takes various shapes, colors and intensities, depending on what Lyre wants. It can be quite the useful magic if Lyre wants to use it to help people but the majority of the time Lyre uses their magic for their performances to make them more showy. The longer and more lights Lyre 'turns on' the more exhausted and tired Lyre becomes. The magic drains their energy quite gradually. If they go too big and too long with their magical light show they can pass out from exhaustion, if they really push it they can really harm their health and potentially exhaust themselves to death.


Lyre is a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to things they consider important to them. They prefer to excel at the things they love. They have a calm and alluring way of speaking, which is reflected in how they move. They rarely do gestures or say words that are unneeded. The best way to make Lyre lose their temper is to meddle in what they are perfecting, be that by interruptions or by unsolicited advice.

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