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Princess Rajani Luminat
Faction : Luminat
Kingdom : Luminat
Birthdate : 7/25/1206 (Age: 19)
Gender : female
Position : Princess
Parent : Biological Father: King Jaden Luminat
Parent : Biological Mother: Matraya
Parent : Stepmother: Queen Marissa Luminat
Parent : Adoptive Father/Uncle: Archbishop Bern
Parent : Adoptive Mother/Aunt: Jannel
Status : Single
Children : None
Portrayed By : Nyakim Gatwech
Luminat Crest.png

Word spread from the Luminat Kingdom to all the kingdoms that King Jaden Luminat had a hidden child. It has been confirmed to be true by the Luminat royal family. Especially since King Jaden, Queen Marissa Luminat, and Treasured Garcia Skybloom confirm it with a speech that was echoed by the most skilled socialites and gossip spreaders. The speech given by Jaden was:

"People of Luminat, no Atharia, I step forward to publicly reclaim Rajani as my daughter. With the blessings of my beautiful wife, Marissa, and beautiful Consort, Garcia Skybloom. Rajani is the Child of Mataya and I, since she was awakened in a time the Children were still hidden away from the rest of the world for their protection, I entrusted her to former Archbishop of Mataya, Bern. A person dear to me. I placed one of my precious, more so as a Child of Mataya, children in his and his partner's, Jannel, care. It was not a decision made lightly to let Rajani be hidden and to allow my friend and his partner to treat her as their daughter and she treat Bern as her father instead of me. Selfishly I wanted to raise my daughter like I have all my other children, but she was very young when she was awoken. In a time before it was safe for Children to be known. It was the hardest decision in my life I ever made. To send my child away. No decision since has proven to be harder. When it comes to my family, decisions involving them are harder than what I need to decide for my kingdom and those decisions are not easy either.

I hope that Rajani can forgive me for not acknowledging her as my daughter until now. I will not expect her to call me 'Father', she can continue to refer to me as she always has or call me her father as well. The choice is hers. Bern and Jannel were her parents growing up. They did what I decided not to do in interest of her safety and well being. Rajani will be treated as a Princess of Luminat and a member of the Luminat family, as is her birthright. Anyone who treats her as anything but will face the wrath of the royal family of Luminat and of the Goddess Mataya. Who so rarely angers."

That said the King, his Queen, and his Consort step away to return to their palace. Leaving behind shock and gossip going wild.

RP Hooks
  • Child Of Matraya: She's known for most her life (13 of her 19 years) that Matraya is her mother.
  • Luminat: While definitely not ill, Rajani is definitely Luminati. (Ill Luminati? See what I did there? Bah! Humourless louts!)
  • Naive Royal: She's a princess, but wasn't brought up as one. This puts her at a disadvantage over and above her simple youth compared to those who grew up in the messy world of politics and high society.
  • Princess: Rajani is both a Child of Gods and a child of royalty. Her father is King Jaden Luminat.

Rajani is a tall, willowy woman standing at almost 170cm in height, with regal, calm bearing. The first thing that registers, however, is her skin tone: she is dark as pitch, to the point of almost seeming to glow black, in counterpoint to the more usual pale and ghostly complexion of House Luminat.

Her black hair is warn untamed, spilling over the loose, light black gown she favours, in a cascade of untamed curls to the middle of her back. Standing out from all the darkness are her bright green eyes which peer at the world with sharp observation.

A slim silver circlet crosses her forehead, holding an emerald between her barely-visible eyebrows, while at her waist a thin green silk rope girdle holds her gown in just above the gentle swell of her hips. Her feet are shod in emerald green velvet slippers.


Rajani has a strong affinity to dark magic and can make use of it to cause something to disappear in the darkness. Said disappearances can be figurative ("melting into the shadows") where the 'disappearance' means that the person or item can't be seen, or it can be more literal: the target item or person disappears ... and never returns. When she uses the magic it will afterwards cause a state of emotional detachment and isolation that increases with each use. This never recovers. The more often she uses it, the more detached and isolated she becomes until insanity reaches her.


Rajani is friendly towards others but easily distracted, be it through someone passing by or something that suddenly catches Rajani's attention.

  • King Jaden Luminat (Father): a.k.a. BioDad (not really, not ic), Jaden is Rajani's real father which she's found out only a short time ago.
  • Prince Tristan Luminat (Half-Brother): Another new family member thrown at her, Tristan shares two of the same mothers as Rajani. (Or something like that. Her grasp of procreation, between her youth and her sheltered upbringing, is a little bit weak. OK, seriously, they share a father.)
  • Queen Marissa Luminat (Stepmother): Rajani knows nothing of her and vice versa, but now finds her as part of the family.
  • Treasured Garcia Skybloom (Stepmother-in-Love): This is King Jaden's consort and is another new person in her life that Rajani knows nothing about.
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