Swallow Santua

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Princess Swallow Santua
Faction : Santua
Kingdom : Santua
Birthdate : 6/17/1182 (Age: 40)
Gender : Female
Position : Princess
Parent : Count Raven Amarant
Parent : Count Myron Amarant
Status : <marital status>
Children : Gordan, Starling, Daetria, Unnamed Child
Portrayed By :
Santua Crest.png

Swallow was raised to be the finest of noblewomen, more so with her being a member of the mysterious Amarant family and the eldest child. She harbors some resentment towards her brothers, not enough to truly dislike them, as they will inherit the title of the County. This motivated to assure she had the best of educations to raise herself to higher places due to being vaguable for political marriages. All this ambition no doubt made it no surprise that from a young age she was decided as the future bride of Nathan Santua, the Heir of the Santua Kingdom. She accepted the marriage to Nathan with no argument as it was her duty and it would make her able to stand on the same level as him. They wed and with Nathan she had four children.

RP Hooks
  • Amarant Family: Swallow was a child of the Amarant family, Count Raven's Eldest child to be exact, except she wasn't born male.
  • Ambitious: Swallow is a very ambitious woman.
  • Princess: Swallow is a princess of the Santua Kingdom and the wife of the Heir.
  • Santua Family: Swallow is a member of the Santua family.
  • Santua Kingdom: Swallow is from the Santua Kingdom.

Swallow is a tall woman, about 6' and her violet hair compliments well with her amethyst skin and her violet-blue eyes. By the standards of many she is very beautiful and she has what could be called a perfect hourglass figure.

She wears a blue off the shoulder dress that dips to her waist on the back and skips the top of her breasts on the front. The a-line skirt falls to mid-calf and on her feet are a pair of black heels.


Swallow is capable of becoming one with the shadows, allowing her to disappear from being present. Not even her presence can be felt when she does this. As long as there is shadows about Swallow can disappear into them. This doesn't come without risks, though, she can disappear into the shadows but she can't travel to ones not connected and if the shadow disappears so shall she. When a shadow gets smaller than what she entered into it is harder for her to escape it and when the shadow is pushed away by light while she's in it, she gets hurt as if the sun is burning her.


Swallow is quiet but very ambitious. She doesn't think twice of doing questionable deeds to obtain her goals. She is unfailingly confident. Despite her ambitious and 'will do anything to get what I want' nature, she is on the nicer side. She isn't unnecessarily cruel or mean. She just puts herself first.

  • Nathan (Spouse): Nathan is Swallow's spouse. She cares for him, somewhat.
  • Petrel (Sibling): Petrel is one of her brothers. He is the child of a Consort. He opted to become a courtesan. Perhaps he feels he will do better there.
  • Raven (Parent): Raven is Swallow's Father. She is annoyed with him for not naming her his heir but has forgiven him, mostly, for marrying her into the Santua family as the next Queen.
  • Shrike (Sibling): Shrike is one of Swallow's brothers. She cares for him even though she also resents him because he was born male and she was not.
  • Starling (Child): Starling is one of Swallow's children. She has quite the issue with not becoming heir to the Santua Kingdom and left to become a Bishopess. Swallow can't fault her for that.
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