Tessa Hightide

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Marchioness Tessa Hightide
Faction : Hightide
Kingdom : Choisi
Birthdate : 9/5/1182 (Age: 40)
Gender : Female
Position : Marchioness
Parent : Unnamed
Parent : Unnamed
Status : Married
Children : Contessa, THeodor, Talynn
Portrayed By :
Hightide Crest.png

Tessa was raised by good parents and has several siblings. As a woman considered noble she has also gotten the education appropriate for her. A political match was arranged between her and the March of Hightide to Taylor Hightide. She joined his family and with him she had several children.

RP Hooks
  • Choisi: Tessa is from the Choisi Kingdom.
  • Hightide: Tessa is a Hightide.
  • Marchioness: Tessa is the Marchioness of the Hightides.

Tessa is a short person, as expected from the Choisi Kingdom, with long platinum-blonde hair and emerald green eyes. Her caramel hued skin brings out the hue of her curly hair and eyes and slightly long ears peep out from amongst the curls of her hair. She has a slender built that is softened a little by her feminine curves.

She wears a silk blue, floor length gown, with a sweetheart neckline, that has accents of red on it. On her feet is a pair of silver hued heels. She has her hair pulled back with a silver clip adorned with sapphires and rubies. A silver necklace with the Hightide crest is worn and is set with the same gems as the clip. One wrist is adorned with a delicate charm bracelet.


Tessa's magic is very much a augmentation type. She can enhance speed, strength or intellect temporarily. How temporary is how long she takes to cast the magic on her chosen target. She can not cast it on herself, though. The use of this magic breaks her bones, each time. The longer she casts the magic the worse the breaks are. They can be so bad that she can't move, at all. They also heal slower than breaks normally do. (Augmentation Magic used on PCs require a roll of: +roll Tessa=magic-3 vs target=<mind, Body, or Reaction>+3)


Tessa is calm, collected and observant. She will socialize easily but more often than not she prefers to observe people around her and use what she gains from the watching as a means to win them over. It is very hard to rattle Tessa and her temper is very slow to boil.

  • Taylor (Spouse): Taylor is Tessa's spouse. They were politically wed but seem content with their relationship
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