Drew Whitewater

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Acolyte Drew Whitewater
Faction : Clergy
Kingdom : Seat Of The Gods
Birthdate : 9/18/1199 (Age: 23)
Gender : Other
Position : Acolyte
Parent : Baron Silvester Whitewater (Deceased)
Parent : Baroness Eloise Whitewater (Deceased)
Status : Single
Children : None
Portrayed By :
Clergy Crest.png

Drew is one of the four siblings of Baroness Keeley Whitewater and the child of the now deceased Baroness Eloise Whitewater. Drew is one of the triplet siblings. They got all the education one would expect a noble to gain but when Drew was old enough they decided to become an Acolyte. Though they didn't have to, they decided to throw off their family name, so to speak, and devote themselves fully to being part of the Clergy and has been one since.

RP Hooks
  • Acolyte: They are an Acolyte of Mataya.
  • Clergy: Drew is a member of the Clergy.
  • Whitewater: Drew was born a Whitewater. Their sibling is the Baroness Keeley.

This person looks to be about 5'10" and has wavy, short dark-brown hair with long, slender ears peeping out. Their eyes are a ruby-red and their skin a stunning golden hue. They have a wiry frame that has subtle hints of muscle and curves to it.

They wear a long, red robe over a white button up top and black silk pants. On their feet is a pair of black shoes. 1They do not wear much for jewelry, just a simple gold necklace with what they consider to be an image of Mataya and a gold bracelet with the sigil of the clergy.


Life and Death are not things many people like to meddle with, Drew is no exception despite the fact their ability is to resurrect people. They understand the cost of bringing back someone is steep. They were born with this ability and could only hone it with prayers to the beloved Goddess Mataya. Drew can bring almost anyone back from death but does not do this easily. The pros and cons of of bringing someone back is carefully weighed by Drew. Resurrection takes some of Drew's life. Each resurrection takes 5 years of their life that they can not get back. It might be heartbreaking to watch someone mourn someone they love but Drew forces themselves to resist the desire to end their sorrow by bringing people back. They can only resurrect people so many times before they die themselves.


Drew is a kind person who is always thinking of others. They are very devoted to the Gods and helping people. They care so much about helping others that they go so far that it has negative effects on them. They are very warm, comforting even. If anyone is suited to be of the clergy of Mataya, Drew is. When they speak, they carefully consider their words.

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