Ermine Wilks

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Bishopess Ermine Wilks
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Faction : Clergy
Kingdom : Seat Of The Gods
Birthdate : 2/12/1211 (Age: 12)
Gender : Female
Position : Archbishopess
Parent : Lyria Wilks (Deceased)
Parent : Mikayla Wilks
Status : Single
Children : None
Portrayed By : N/A
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Ermine is the only child of two mothers. She was born in 1211. When she turned two one of her mothers decided to sacrifice her life in the Ritual of Growth to turn Ermine into an adult. Ermine learned later that this mother was very ill and decided she wanted to give her life for Ermine to be an adult over dying of her illness. Ossian was the one to grant the adulthood of Ermine to her sacrificed mother, who was a devout follower of him. As with all children turned into an adult with this ritual she grew in all aspects. It didn't take her long, after settling in as an adult, for Ermine to decide to become an Acolyte of Ossian then his Bishopess. She became a full Bishopess of Ossian in 1222 during the Festival of Devotion.

RP Hooks

This small woman is a beauty but in a very subdue way. She doesn't classify as a 'great beauty' but more of an aristocratic beauty. Her mid-back wavy, length, auburn hair works well with her naturally tanned skin and her emerald green eyes. She is very slender, her curves are pronounced just enough to draw the eye but not become the focus. Her arms and legs are on the longer side, making her seem taller than she is.

Her hair is swept up into a braided bun with a few tendrils framing her face. It is fastened into place by a gold hairpin tipped with a jade gem. Her face is done up to accent her features and with hints of green to it. Around her neck is a gold necklace with a pendant of an animal, each day it is a different one, made out of jade. A dark green cotton robe that has a hood, falls from head, when the hood is worn, to floor, pooling around her feet. It is over top a black, knee length, linen skirt and a crimson, linen, button up blouse. On her feet are a pair of black leather heels.


Ermine can summon pretty much any animal{,} provided she has seen it{,} that exists. The summoned animal is not a real one but kind of like a phantom of one that serves her. If she /really/ concentrates and is in an area that is makes sense for the animal to be{,} she can summon the actual animal to her side. It comes running to her. when Ermine uses this ability she gradually becomes paralyzed. The more times she summons{,} the less she can move. If she summons one thing{,} she can stumble about like she is drunk and from there her movements get less and less. After a few hours it wears off and she returns to normal.


Ermine is a quiet girl who is very devoted to those she cares about. She rarely shows what she is thinking or feeling but is always very quick to jump to the defense of someone or thing she holds dear. She has a great love for animals but doesn't care much for most people. She isn't mean or rude to people, just very indifferent to those she doesn't know.

  • Ossian (God): Ermine doesn't know if Ossian knows she exists but she worships him, especially since one of her mother's lives were taken by him to help Ermine become an adult.
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