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On Atharia we will be allowing for players to have 4 alts. This could be increased depending on player base size and interest level in alts. There are, however, a some rules for these alts. These conditions are to help avoid possible conflicting situations.

  1. You can only have 1 royal alt. This means you can't be a prince or princess for two kingdoms on two characters.
  2. You can only hold land or title on 1 alt. In Example: You can play Duchess of Duchessdom and a Lady of the Duke of Dukedom but you can't play the Duke and Duchess.
    1. You can lead only 1 noble house
    2. You can only have 1 Knight, Sage or Baronet. I don't mean people trained to be knights but someone named an official knight.
    3. You can only have 1 Supporter, Matchmaker, Consort, or Courtesan
  3. You can have 1 Bishop/Bishopess or Archbishop/Bishopess and 1 Acolyte but they need to be under a different God.
  4. You can only have 1 character that is a Child of Gods.
  5. You can only have 1 alt in the same family, we are giving a little more leeway to being in the same kingdom as long as you avoid conflict.
  6. You can not take actions that benefit your alt. Which means you can't do things like give them money, speak of what they can can do, go to your alt to help you with something and so on.
  7. While it is not encouraged, you can RP with your alt. You can be in the same room, at the same events, etc. Though, it seems a little weird just to play with yourself but go for it.

Staff may have a varying number of alts due to also running NPCs. Like players, though, they are only permitted 4 PCs. Staff does not have to reveal their PC alts, unless they want too, but they do need to list their NPCs in their fingers or in some other visual way so people know that the NPC belongs to that staffer. Also, keep in mind that there might be occasions where another staffer might puppet the NPC of another staffer if it is a means to help plot move along.