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Current Divine Ambassador: N/A

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The Conclave of Divine Guidance is an order that was set up by Archbishop Ozymandias Luminat. Ozymandias convinced the other Archbishops, the Rulers, and the Gods that this Conclave was a good plan. It’s intent is to have the Archbishops meet to discuss what is going on with all eight clergies of the eight Gods. Unless a God’s Clergy has something, they can’t resolve this conclave does not interfere with what each God’s Clergy does in their own Houses. Most of the time they meet, or send messages to each other, to update to what is going on and express their opinions on what each clergy should do. What they do decide is how they feel, as whole, about matters that affect the Seat of the Gods. While they don’t decide what will be done, they bring their concerns to the Head Courtesan and the Grand Master of the Holy Order of Knights. Their representative for meeting with the Head Courtesan and Grand Master is the Divine Ambassador.

This Conclave is made up of the Archbishops of each Holy Order and the Kings and Queens of each Kingdom. The Kings and Queens are, in this case, more of figure heads for the Conclave of Divine Guidance. While their thoughts and opinions are expressed, not ignored, they may not be used. The Rulers of the Kingdoms understand that they are not in charge of this Conclave and are their to support it more than truly run it.

The Leader of the Conclave is someone from one of the Clergies or a Courtesan, as Courtesans are part of the Clergy. Each clergy and the Courtesans nominate someone from their ranks. The nine people are then brought before the Eight Archbishops to decide who is best suited with the Head Courtesan there as a ‘tie’ breaker should the Archbishops be unable to decide who to pick. While Courtesans are included as a candidate it is unlikely, they will be chosen, and the nominated Courtesan knows this. Being chosen as a possible candidate, for a Courtesan, is more about adding to what their credits are for possibly becoming the next Head Courtesan or the Second in Command. The Clergy members not chosen can also use their being nominated as a ‘boon’ towards who becomes the next Archbishop after the current retires. An Archbishop selected for this position needs to step down as an Archbishop, after naming their successor, to be the Divine Ambassador.

The Divine Ambassador: The Divine Ambassador is the leader of the Conclave. When the Conclave are discussing religious matters the Divine Ambassador and there is a stalemate, the Divine Ambassador is the one who breaks the stalemate.

Conclave Members: The Conclave members are made up of the Archbishop of the clergy and the Rulers of the Kingdoms. The Rulers are more figure heads that show their support of the Conclave. The Archbishop are the members of the Conclave that are actively working at discussing matters involving religious matters of Atharia.

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