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These is no expectations of chastity nor is there expectations of a couple being of a certain gender. A person can sleep with anyone at anytime, as long as they are adults, without concern for repercussions. Well, to an extent, someone trying to sleep with every which person is likely to have negative gossip and could be considered a less than ideal prospect for marriage. Unless they are a Supporter (+news supporters) no one needs to be with just one person. As long as each person is consenting and is doing something they want to do, pretty much anything goes for what is acceptable. Same sex couples, opposite sex couples and anything in between are common to see about Atharia. Someone can choose to stay a virgin or not until marriage, either decision is well respected by the people of Atharia. Being sexually free is not considered a scandal by those of Atharia. Monogamy, polyamory, or whatever in a relationship is up to the couple.

To note, contraceptives are flawless. Taking the herbal pill, for male or female, is typically done with each morning breakfast and is a habit that is formed pretty much from the day they can walk. There is no adverse affects and the little green pill pretty much instantly stops working when not taken. One partner can skip taking the pill while the other does and still not worry about having a bastard child. Regardless of what sex takes the pill as long as one person in the relationship takes the pill there is no risk of a child being born. It is a conscious choice to create a bastard child so there is no 'One parent doesn't know about the child' as it takes both parents not taking their pill to create one.