Caelan Choisi

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Prince Caelan Choisi
Caelan choisi.jpg
Faction : Choisi
Kingdom : Choisi
Birthdate : 7/4/1197 (Age: 25)
Gender : Male
Position : Prince
Parent : Queen Missiah Choisi
Parent : Queen Ferah Choisi
Status : Single
Children : None
Portrayed By : Troye Sivan
Choisi Crest.png

Caelan is the eldest and Heir of the Choisi family. He takes after the whimsical and supportive nature of his mother but the knowledge of the responsibility of his position is never far from his mind. An athletic child prone to wandering, he began to discover that he could shift forms at a fairly young age, making keeping track of him a challenge for those who were tasked with his education and looking after him.

He was, however, an avid pupil and enjoyed his studies, even deigning to sit still for lessons in etiquette and diplomacy, leadership and writing, as well as the arts.

As he grew older, he took to traveling and meeting the people of the Kingdom much like the others of his family. He has a great love of the sea and traveling to the islands, meeting people, and learning their stories. He has a quiet but personable nature and tends to be willing to help wherever he might be needed in what ways that he can to try to support the people.

RP Hooks
  • Choisi Heir: The eldest and the heir of the Choisi family, Caelan's responsibilities to his people are always on his mind, even if he seems light-hearted and free spirited.
  • Shapeshifter: If you see a strange white animal with blue eyes, it might very well be the Prince in one of his many forms. Fortunately, or unfortunately, the coloration tends to give him away.
  • Wandering Spirit: Like all of his people, Caelan is nomadic and he likes to wander, meet people, share stories, and have adventures. He'll talk to most anyone.

Caelan Choisi stands just a little taller than average at 5'6". He has a slender but athletic frame. He appears to be in his mid twenties with brilliant blue eyes and shock white hair that is a bit longer on top than the sides, sometimes the loose curls falling in his eyes. His ears are slender and pointed, poking out from either side of his hair. His clothing varies depending on the weather and the need but is always of fine quality and tends toward the greys and blues of the sea. Soft leather boots often quiet his steps and his chosen weapon tends to be a bow when he feels the need to carry one.


Caelan is a shapeshifter and can take on any number of animal forms to suit whatever situation he might find himself in including some of the more exotic and fantastical beasts of the Kingdoms. They are almost always distinctively white/pale like his hair with eyes that are blue like his own, even if the creature wouldn't naturally appear that way, making it hard for him to use the ability to hide among them. While he can communicate with a limited range telepathy while in his shapeshifted forms, he is not able to speak. His shapeshifted forms also make him vulnerable, as it's possible to trap him in shapeshifted form (or likewise, prevent him from shifting) with a collar with an iron clasp.


Caelan likes to keep moving as much as any of the Choisi, having a love of travel and a gift for wandering. He loves the sea and the islands and traveling over land, preferably with others with whom to enjoy the journey. This allows him the ability to spend time with his people wherever they might be. He loves people and learning their stories, sharing experiences, and helping where he can. He enjoys the simplest pleasures of life, from warm firelight to quiet conversation and the open waves. He is a free spirit, but one who never forgets that he has a responsibility as an heir.

  • Kalei (Acquaintance): Met in the market square over lemon tarts and a discussion about debuts.
  • Kyrah (Sibling): He admires her spirit and her drive though thinks she pushes herself a little too hard sometimes.
  • Mirilane (Acquaintance): Whatever ass I've lost, you seem to have found it.
  • Missiah (Mother): He takes after her whimsical and supportive side.
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