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Consider these forms of address the more formal ways of addressing someone. The informal versions can vary person by person. For example, a sibling might call the king by their first name alone or a cousin might call the king 'King <First Name>'. How people informally speak with someone is up to them and the person they are speaking with.

Those who are not the 'stereotypical' gender can generally be referred to as whatever version of the title they want, or by both. For example, a male who identifies as a female can be addressed as 'Lady Person'. Same with a female as male.

OOC: Staff is not against suggestions for variants on the forms of address being requested for any other gender. It will likely face discussion, though, to assure it fits within the theme.

The elderly are not commonly referred to by just their name, be they nobility or common. It is likely only close family and maybe close friends that would dare to call them by their name alone. Fellow elderly do address each other by just their names, to note, or how via normal forms of address. For Example, a commoner elder would likely call a noble elder 'Lady/Lord <name>'. For all of Atharia, whether the person is an enemy or not, Elders are always addressed in a semi-formal way. Someone who calls the Elderly by just their name will often be chastened or some other form of mild punishment for what is perceived as disrespecting the elderly, who have years of knowledge under their belt. Grandchild/Children and the like will still call an Elder 'Mother' or 'Grandmother or 'Father or 'Grandfather' and so so. Aunts and Uncles are more likely to be addressed using the more official forms of address in a public setting as well.

Atharia has several noble rankings, nobles being the most prominent people of the world, and each one has a form of address. For ease of knowing how to address someone there is a list of ranks and their titles.

King/Queen Your Majesty/My Majesty, His or Her Majesty, King/Queen <last name> of <kingdom>
Prince/Princess Your Highness/My Highness, or His or her Highness, Prince/Princess of <kingdom>
Duke/Duchess Your Grace/My Grace, Duke/Duchess <last name> of <kingdom>
Marquess/Marchioness Marquess/Marchioness <last name>, My Lord/Lady
Count/Countess Count/Countess <last name>, My Lord/Lady
Viscount/Viscountess Viscount/Viscountess <last name>, My Lord/Lady
Baron/Baroness Baron/Baroness <last name>, My Lord/Lady
Lord/Lady Lady/Lord <first name>, My Lord/Lady NOTE: Nobles without a title are addressed by their first name in interest of avoiding confusion to who they are speaking with and to assure they are not mistaken for the landholder.
Elderly Nobility Former title holders, except 'prince or princess' are refereed to as Predecessor <noble title> <last name>' or they are refereed to as their former title. So, Earl Dukedom, who was the former duke of Dukedom, would be called 'Predecessor Duke Earl' or 'Duke Earl'. He may no longer be the Duke but people do respect the fact that he was once the man who made all the decisions for Dukedom before he passed the title onto his heir. Landless nobility are referred to as 'Elder Lord/Lady <first name>'.
Baronet/Baronetess Baronet/Baronetess <last name>, Sir/Dame <name> (+news baronets)
Knight Knight <last name>, Sir/Dame <name> (+news knights)
Sage Sage <last name>, Sir/Dame <name> (+news sages)
Consorts My treasure, Treasured <last name>, Treasured <name> of <noble they are a consort too> +news consorts)
Matchmaker Matchmaker <last name>, first name (+news matchmakers)
Female/Male Commoner Mistress/Master <Last name>, Their first name
Child Commoner Young Master/Mistress <first name>, their first name
Elder Commoner Grand Master/Mistress <Last name>, Elder <first Name>
Archbishop/Archbishopess Your Holiness, His/Her Holiness, Archbishop/Archbishiopess <first name>
Bishop/Bishopess Father/Mother <first name>, Bishop/Bishopess <first name name>
Acolyte Sister/Brother <first name>, Acolyte <name>
General/Admiral/Commander of the Guard General/Admiral/Commander of the Guard <name>
Commander/Commodore/Captain of the Guard Commander/Commodore <name>
Captain/Sergeant of the Guard Captain/Sergeant of the Guard <name>
Sergeant/Petty Officer/Guardsperson Sergeant/Petty Officer/Guardsperson <name>
Private/Sailor Sailor/Private <Name>
Head Courtesan Most Esteemed <name> (+news courtesans)
Courtesan Paramour <name>, <name> (+news courtesans)
A Courtesan not Debuted Debutante <name> (+news courtesans)
Supporter Devoted <first name>, Devoted <first name> of <titled noble> (+news supporters)
Former Supporter Released Devoted <first name>, Released Devoted <name> of <titled noble> (+news supporters)