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As far as those of Atharia know there are four kingdoms. Each kingdom has something unique about them. Each kingdom also has territory that they reign over and they border one of the other kingdoms.

The kingdoms all have a race which is more like just a slight alteration to their appearance.

OOC: Currently we are not adding any new kingdoms. This could change.


There are 5 known major/capital cities in Atharia, they are the hubs for all the kingdoms. One of the cities is considered neutral grounds. These cities, of course, have surrounding areas and many towns, villages, minor cities, etc.

The Capital Cities
City Name Note
Oceanview City The capital city of Choisi Kingdom.
Starfall City The capital city of Divinus Kingdom.
Greenleaf City The capital city of Santua Kingdom.
Fairdale City The capital city of Luminat Kingdom.
Tranquil City A neutral city located at the Seat of the Gods. This city is where priesthoods, temples, and courtesans are found. 'Citizens' of this city are typically not aligned with any kingdom. Those from the kingdoms are considered visitors, even if they have a permanent residence in it.

OOC: Staff is willing to allow players to submit names of towns/villages/minor cities/etc that are part of each kingdom. No new Major/Capital Cities will be currently added. We have some named areas so do check that before suggesting more so that they do not overlap. To submit a suggestion:

Information: <brief info about the place>