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Santua Crest.png

Ruler: King Kalem Santua and King Kennedy Santua (Formerly Prideleaf, Spouse)

Heir: Prince Nathan Santua

Ruling Family: Santua Family

Patron God: Larthin

Kingdom Colors: Black and Gold

Kingdom Coat of Arms: A leafy oak tree at a central point against a black and gold background.

Kingdom Motto: It is only a sin if you think it is the wrong action to take to save what needs saving.

Exports: Wood, wild fruits and vegetables, wild game

Imports: Ocean goods, farmed good, gems and metals

Population: Approximately 2,500,000 people.

Capital City: Greenleaf City

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Land, Climate, and Building: Santua Kingdom splits between being on the hotter side and nice and cool, depending on the type of forest the people are in. The land is heavily dense with forests, plant, life and greenery. The farmlands they have are vey small and limited, though, more varied. They are more likely to create orchards over anything else. Their homes are typically built up in trees, though, they can be partially on the ground and are connected by suspension bridges. (OOC: Example image included)

About the people (Stereotypical): The people can be quite the dark type of people. They will do /anything/ they can to achieve their goals. What's a little sacrifice now and again? Nothing is to much if it means getting what they want. They work as hard as they play. They aren't necessarily cruel people they just don't think 'good' methods are the only way to achieve something.

How Ruler is Determined: Typically the heir of Santua Kingdom is patriarchal, though, females have been known to be chosen. While most of the time the noble houses follow the same method it is no bother if a female leads a family. Age is not a factor in who the heir is as long as the son has proven to be worthy of the title. It can be any one of the male children to take over.

Story: Mircea decided to travel to the forests. He felt that was the place he wanted to be, liking the idea of using the trees to his advantage. People followed him, as with the other kingdoms, because they believed him to be the true heir and the one most capable of appeasing the Gods. Mircea was considered a harsher leader than the other kingdoms, but his people were still fiercely loyal to him. At the direction of Mircea the people built their homes and businesses among the branches of the trees with the occasional one starting at the bases of them. Mircea took the name Santua as his family name and also called his kingdom that, as he was the expected king of the newly built kingdom. Mircea was quick to erect statues to the Gods, with an exceptionally large one dedicated to Larthin. This pleased the First God who blessed the people of Santua. With the blessing all of those who followed Mircea became quite tall, no one under six feet and their skin and hair turned to hues of blue, purple, or green. The Santuans in general felt this was just a sign that they were the most favoured by the First God, thus, the ones who are superior and furthest along with appeasing the Gods.

At the start of magic King Orion took over for Rona after died under mysterious circumstances. Orion witnessed the full establishing of the kingdoms, the Gods giving the mortals magic and then passed down, after retiring, her title to Queen Cora whose title then passed down, upon Cora's death, to King Clive. At his death the current King, Kalem, started his reign and has been King since.

Holdings: The lands held by Santua and their rulers can be found here: Santua Holdings

People of the Kingdom