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God Form: There are a few flowers set into the dark long hair falls about the shoulders of this Goddess. She looks like a young woman in the bloom of beauty. Her skin is pale and her eyes are golden, and there is a warm aura that surrounds her. She wears a plain tunic of white shimmering fabric, and there is a silent urgency in her eyes, a look of compassion and concern. A pleasant scent of flowers surrounds her, which has a certain soothing quality on those that encounter her.

God Glow: Attia's 'God glow' is a dark blue.

Mortal Form: Attia has no set mortal form that she takes on. The only things that are common across how she looks is the inhuman glow and feel to her eyes, which are always violet and she is always considered breathtakingly beautiful. In her mortal form(s) Attia usually wears what is most fashionable.

Personality: Attia is a very kind god. She despises seeing people suffer, especially Mataya since she came into the world through the tears of Mataya. It is hard to cause Attia to be anything but compassionate and kind towards people.


  1. Larthin: Grandfather
  2. Echo: Step-grandparent
  3. Mataya: Mother
  4. Ossian: Uncle
  5. Hilal: Cousin
  6. Soleil: Cousin
  7. Masquerade: Aunt/Uncle (First Child of Gods ever, Larthin's)
  8. Valeria Santua: Daughter (Attia's daughter with a mortal)
  9. Liam Santua: Uncle (Larthin's Child with a mortal)
  10. Kamala Divinus: Aunt (Larthin's Child with a mortal)
  11. Ozymandias Luminat: Brother (Ossian and Mataya's child)
  12. Amahle Sunflower: Daughter (Attia's child with a mortal)
  13. Taya Divinus: Aunt (Larthin's Child with a mortal)
  14. Lilah Willowbrooke: Second Cousin (Soleil's Child with a mortal)
  15. Tai Farreach: Second Cousin (Hilal's Child with a mortal)
  16. Ren Choisi: Uncle (Larthin's Child with a mortal)
  17. Drew Whitewater: Cousin (Masquerade's Child with a mortal)
  18. Rajani Luminat: Sister (Mataya's Child with a mortal)

Worship Expectations: Attia expects anyone who worships her to do so with kindness in their hearts and the desire to ease the pain of others. The daily prayers given to her would typically start with accounts of how the person eased another's pain that day. Basically, Attia just expects acts of kindness and mercy for others.

Clergy Expectations: The clergy are expected to be pillars of kindness and compassion. Their prayers and events usually involve something that is to ease the pain or burden of others. They are also considered to be the listening ears for people to express their pain. The priests generally wear blue robes.


  1. Ceremony of Atonement: This ceremony is usually done when someone has done something that hurts another or is considered a horrendous act. The person is to give prayer to Attia for several days, stopping only to do what they need to survive before continuing. Once Attia as blessed them with acceptance of their atonement they are generally expected to go around and help others ease their pains.
  2. Ceremony of Compassion The Ceremony of Compassion is a bit of a rough one for someone to do. It is when the person who wishes to do the ceremony takes all the pain and sorrow of someone onto themselves. The people who typically do this are the clergy of Attia, though, it is not unheard of for others to do it. It is very similar to what Attia did for Mataya upon Attia's birth. It is highly likely that Attia will bless the person who takes on the pain of another so that person can move on with their lives.

OOC: Players are welcome to submit ceremony suggestions. We expect the name of the ceremony and details about it. Similar to how the already established ceremonies are done.

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